B3Kounters in the (clearing) House! (1st @ Naarm Startup CO)

HaverOfFun 536

With this H2 startup tournament coming up I was super bloody keen to snap up one of those Banner playmats because they are gorgeous and I thought it was funny as a member of the TAI Breakers to have an icebreaker from The Automata Initiative as a playmat.

With that in mind I went about testing Punitive Counterstrike BtL because I love the card and Charlotte Caçador as a money printing machine in it is absolutely wild. I took that deck to the finals super tournament of the ANZ startup league where I did fairly well but ended up losing in the final to an even bigger money machine than my corp, which was bemi's wicked Sebastião deck (that my friend kror and I made some minor changes to for our runner in this CO).

Even before we had seen this Sebastião Souza Pessoa: Activist Organizer deck that makes money like it's nothing, kror was all over the idea of combining the punitive BtL that I was on with a The Holo Man and Clearinghouse kill package with the additional super upside being that Holo Man advancing Logjam is very wild. I was pretty sceptical about the splitting of the punitive strategy with this other plan so I was characteristically hesitant to commit to the deck. After a little bit of playing and thinking we decided to completely ditch punitive and just fully commit to the scoring/clearinghouse plan.

Even the morning of the tournament I was still very unsure about what to play but I just went with this Holoman version and counting on people to play a bit more cautiously around it because I am a minor punitive menace in the local meta.

All of my games with this deck were super exciting and tight ones (every game I played either ended on 6-6 with a clearinghouse kill or 9-6 with me scoring the win), with me beating a Mercury, a Tāo and a Zahya. It's a wicked deck, Charlotte Caçador is wild, the super fucking sonic bitchboss Holo Man is wild and the local Naarm meta is wild too! Thanks heaps especially to kror for brewing up this deck and the runner deck that we both ended up taking, thanks to Vale for being super cool teammate (also only loss I took of the day so TAI Breakers stay winning 😎). It's just always a blast to show up to these events and have nothing but good vibes all day!

8 Apr 2024 owarmpit

Sounds like an epic journey with that deck! The synergy between Punitive Counterstrike BtL and Charlotte Caçador must have been insane x) trench run. And switching to the Holoman strategy seems like a bold move that paid off big time. Congrats on your success at the tournament

8 Apr 2024 Baa Ram Wu

Look's pretty cracked to me!!!

The tucana's seem like an interesting choice here. Did you find value off them on the day?

8 Apr 2024 HaverOfFun

@Baa Ram Wu I didn't end up seeing them in time in any of my games but in test games they helped against the wave of Hermes decks to score early without leaving gaping holes in your centrals

9 Apr 2024 osintelligence

@HaverOfFun my BTL brother-in-arms... showing startup runners the pain of a pinhole threading-less society. Congrats on the result!

9 Apr 2024 HaverOfFun

@osintelligence trueeeeee - BTL just too cracked in startup atm! good stuff for your finish too!