[Startup] Station One Super Sebastião 🙀🙀💸💸💰

bemidiot 83

This is the runner list I played in the Station One Super Tourney. It was put together super last minute because I have no idea how to build anything in this pool of cards. I'm pretty sure the startup meta will be in a really weird place without Borealis and a lot of the runner decks feel like they're missing tools to deal with threats in the format. Ari basically doesn't have any playable trojans? Reprint Ika and Kyuban in dawn NSG you cowards.

The tag package gives you some tools to deal with hell ice and the only consistent multiaccess left in the format so it felt pretty solid. Draw is kinda light in this deck without Dr Nuka and because there's no DJ Steve I don't think you can justify running Lago and risking losing your good cards. It's reg anarch so it has a lot of money and just throws money at problems 🤷‍♀️

Thanks to Kenny for running the tournament and everyone else for playing in the league, it was a ton of fun. ♥

5 Apr 2024 Tyta

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