ClanaxX (1st-ish Halmstad Regionals)

TugtetguT 2006

I went 4-0 with this build at this weekend's regional. It is the fast food equivalent of netrunner decks using only Fisk to flood the corp for "multiaccess" and Clan Vengeance so you know where to find them. By now everyone knows zer0 is stupid, especially in combination with its partner in crime, clan vengeance, even though its probably too good on its own anyway. It is a fun deck to play even though it is not the healthiest of netrunner.

I'm really bummed that I didn't test 1-2 copies of District 99 in this deck as I'm pretty sure they'd do good work getting back d4v1d/CV/Stimhack maybe even DDoS or just for pseudo drawing Patchwork or Zer0, should you miss them due to maxX mills.

On to Patchwork - this is not Bloo Moose. Unless the very first discounts you get from Patchwork goes to pay for economy, I found that it was slow as you are kind of forced into installing things to get the once per turn trigger value - making installing and using Patchwork quite the tempo hit with regards to BOTH cards and credits. However it pays out tremendously in the mid-long run and in combination with MaxX, Fisk, Zer0 and IHW draws you're never short something to trash. So I think this is the right type of deck to play this in for its full potential.

Rebirth - You almost never need to rebirth, when you do it's against Skorp Corp or grindy jinteki type decks. Otherwise I found it was just a nice thing to do on your 2nd run through, to make sure you don't mill unfortunate things with MaxX, but a lot of the time it is also just better to stay MaxX. What you rebirth into rarely has a huge impact as this deck doesn't poke centrals much or runs a lot in general. So I'd suggest you just pick your favourite anarch ID to rebirth into for style. I mostly go for Quetzal.

Titanium Ribs is worth it. It really is.

The event was streamed and I play the deck in round 1 and 4 of swiss on stream and also the first game of Top 4. The top cut game is especially good.

8 Jul 2018 Manadog

What do you think you'd cut for District 99?

9 Jul 2018 TugtetguT

I'd start with a Hacktivist and a DDoS or maybe both DDoS :)

9 Jul 2018 Krasty

Nice deck! Btw what about Divide and Conquer ? Just like one off finisher?

9 Jul 2018 TugtetguT

@KrastyI don't see you getting much value from D&C, as you dont have TTW and the corp usually wont have cards in hand it becomes an archives + top card on RnD run. Also you ideally Mad dash archives after a big CV trigger so there is a conflict there.

9 Jul 2018 Django84

@TugtetguTPretty cool deck and Videos. Unfortunately, after watching the first round midway, there were already several 5 click turns involved (e.g. at around 49:47, 56 min), which kind of skew the game :(

9 Jul 2018 zmb

If you implemented District 99 wouldn't you need support cards for the trashing? Or do you rely on Corp to trash?

9 Jul 2018 Krasty

@zmb: MaxX is trashing stuff by herself. And of course Patchwork also help a lot with this question.

9 Jul 2018 TugtetguT

@Django84oof several? I haven't watched the games back myself. In my defence I was deprived of both food and sleep..

@zmbD99 tracks trashes from anywhere, so MaxX trashes counts as well.

9 Jul 2018 zmb

DUH it does not say INSTALLED... that card just got a whole lot better LOL :D

9 Jul 2018 zmb

@TugtetguT "deprived" would indicate that the lack of sleep was not self induced? ;-) Preperations involving excessive amounts of Rosé does not count :D

9 Jul 2018 JakeHelms

@zmb- Asger left the hotel room at a bit past 3AM, borrowing my sleeping bag after indulging in copious amounts of rosé and drunken Netrunner escapades. I don't think anybody was at peak performance ;).