not-runner (3rd, Louisville Regional)

stoppableforce 575

Round 1: Bye
Round 2: Loss (6-agenda Azmari glacier, piloted by @x3r0h0ur)
Round 3: Loss (Sportsmetal glacier)
Round 4: Win (NEXT Jinja rush)
Round 5: Win (Asa Jinja glacier)
Cut round 2: Win (Spiky Palana)
Cut round 3: Loss (NEXT Jinja rush - a different one from previous)

This was kind of a halfway point between @shmeguy's latest iteration on bendy MaxX and @TugtetguT's Halmstead Regionals MaxX (how do you get 1st-ish, anyway?). I'll just briefly discuss some things.

  • I don't agree with the influence spread in either deck, or mine. 3 Fisk Investment Seminars is just a liability with Jinja Grid decks still viable, and is way less usable either day when you're not fully set up on CV but your opponent is ready to score out -- but 3 Levys is just overkill, too; I barely came close to Levying twice, win or lose. Asger's Rebirth is, as he noted, barely useful because this deck doesn't have a lot of use for running, while the Hades Shard I shrugged and put into mine was completely useless - at most I went through 1 ice all day on archives. I'm not sure what the right answer is there, but I suspect it's 2 Fisks, 2 Levys, 1 Ribs, and then do something else with the remaining 3 influence.
  • Patchwork is nuts. Asger says it's not Bloo Moose, but I would say that's the closest comparable card, except now only one faction gets it for 0 influence, and if you're packing Levy you get all your cards back. It also works really nicely with District 99, which was useful on the day for recurring CV and, in one game, Zer0 when I kept milling it.
  • CV produces a lot of bad feelings. If it's any consolation to the people I beat, I didn't exactly have a lot of fun playing it. The name is apt because the deck really does not run - especially without Stimhacks. In my round 4 game I think I played 4 Stimhacks before winning because Jinja was kill-on-sight.
  • Ribs is definitely worth the 1 slot and 2 influence; it just integrates so well with Zer0, IHW, and now District 99. It gives you better control over whether you're going to draw 5 off of Zer0 + IHW or not, and lets you purposely target extra Patchworks, Zer0s, or breakers to build those D99 counters.

This deck is still pretty good, but I don't think I'll play it again; it wasn't really that enjoyable.