Startup Hoshiko - undefeated - 2nd @German Nationals

Virulentz 11

This slightly updated and changed list based on @aunthemods [Startup] Stealth Anarch won me 4/4 Swiss rounds at the official German Nationals Startup Sunday Event.

21 Sep 2022 Bl4nk3t

I like the idea of anach-only stealth (i.e. Leech + Taka ) + Afterimage.

It seems to me the Leeches pull some serious weight here - was there ever a problem getting around sentries (or you know for a reasonable breaking cost), when they were late in showing up? I suspect the 'ol reliable Chisel + Devil Charm]( does help in the mean time.

I also suspect that the choice of playing pretty much the maximum amount of Clot-threat against fast advance decks might be deliberate - is the strategy that common in your meta?