Djupstad Kill Combo (2-2 at Tampere Grid GNK)

sheriley 35

I have always been a fan of kill combos and fast corp decks. Got the idea for Reeducation + Djupstad Grid kill combo from this decklist by Silent Arbiter:

Made a few changes like adding a third Djupstad Grid to be able to find it more reliably and changing some of the operations and ice more to my liking.

I was able to get the tools needed for the combo quite reliably and fast when testing this deck. In the actual tournament, won against Alice and Adam, but lost against Kit and Hoshiko (in the last game we ran out of time, just couldn't find the combo pieces in time).

Overall, a fun deck to play and in best case can result in a fast win, leaving enough time for your second game. :)

6 Feb 2023 Mancini

Have you considered removing a Djupstad and a Sprint to add in Big Deal? Seems like a more consistent way to land Reeducation.