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this is the corp deck i built for worlds 2022!!! i didn't want to play yellow prison or pal around with the sports jocks!!!! instead i did the old thing that we used to all do with THE OUTFIT!!! yeehaw!!!

YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT IT IS. score agendas!!! kill them when they try to take your agendas!!!! rudely awaken them by hitting their boat with a BASEBALL BAT!!!! most of their anti-tag tech is useless against you because they're only scared of drago!!!! who cares!!!! not me!!!! fuck drago!!! bad card for cowards!!! how many games did my OUTFIT win?? i don't know!!! most of them!!! nearly all of them!!!! stop asking me about stuff like that!!! every one of my opponents had to read INCREASED DROP RATES to find out what it did!!! i made sokka read INCREASED DROP RATES!!!! he had to read INCREASED DROP RATES before he swept me and went on to win worlds!!!! that's the true victory!!!

a bunch of my opponents recognized me and asked why i wasn't on some BUDGET BIOTECH!!!! i don't know why!!! because i'm an idiot!!!! that's why!!!! this deck was fun too though!!!

as for my runner,


actually my runner kind of did badly because i played against sports 6 times in a row and it was my worst matchup but what was i going to do, not play apoc at its final worlds no i don't think so ha ha

what a fucking banger of a worlds. truly such an incredible return to the in-person format. with all due respect to the humble jnet randos, there is nothing like playing children's card games in meatspace. a hearty thank you to all of the folks at nisei who put this event together, to all of my opponents and the people who recognized me as the glasses push guy, and especially to all of the players in the TorSaug (and surrounding area) community. i wouldn't play this foolish game if it didn't allow me to hang out with you all and spend quality time apocing eachother. i hope everyone else also caught the hard-hitting feelings.

huge congratulations to william, proud son of canada, on becoming the world champion. thank you to everyone for coming out to toronto. hope to see you all next year on the continent.

10 Oct 2022 Two_EG


10 Oct 2022 NinjaMike

I 100% should have played this deck instead of the garbage I brought because this is a super fun deck.

10 Oct 2022 d1en

As I read the deck description I sat at the kitchen table laughing out loud. My wife was visibly confused and I explained to her the GIGACHAD of a deck write this is. I’m not sure she understood but I am sure you had a great time and I’m so thankful to have played you so much over the years. Thank you Josh, you’re an absolute gem

10 Oct 2022 AceEmpress

Can't believe someone else somewhere in the world also had the idea of putting increased drop rates in an outfit deck for both value and the immense psychic damage and confusion it inflicts on your opponent.

Can fully believe that someone else took it to worlds before our playgroup did though.

10 Oct 2022 mo0man

We should have more apocalypses but we don't, cause someone here was a COWARD

10 Oct 2022 spags

Formerteen lives

(To this day, if I use the pushes glasses up nose joke, I think of you)

10 Oct 2022 Cpt_nice


12 Oct 2022 Crowphie

Yeah, the actual pain my brain is feeling right now isn't from the fact that you played Improved Drop Rates, it's that now multiple people have decided it was the correct thing for them to be doing! Madness.

14 Oct 2022 Ghost Meat

This all rules. Great seeing you at Worlds!