HB Webz *Nordic National Championship 1st Place*

evilgaz 877

This is my winning deck from the Nordic Nationals (63 players, 6 rounds, top 8 cut). It only dropped one game all weekend and I really should have Mulliganed... :)

Shout out to the UK National Champion (VinegaryMink) for giving me the bones of the deck, but as usual I can't take anything at face value and have to monkey around with it to make it my own. It's a rush style HB - you're aiming to get some agendas out as fast as possible and play really aggressively. If Criminals were still super-popular you might not get away with it, but in the current field it has more strength. It can play sort of glacier in a pinch, and it has Fast Advance capabilities, but really you're looking to just putting Agendas on the table push them out. I scored more than one naked and ultimately used Biotic Labour to score out the Winning NAPD disguised as an upgrade in the final.

Some cards to talk about:

Some people like Director Haas and she's got value against Noise and other decks of that nature. I found Chronos to be valuable though - in one game I held on to it for several turns to then burn a MaxX deck for roughly 2/3 of her cards. I prefer having two of these to another 4/2 agenda. YMMV.

Caprice did some work - you could arguably go for two of these if you want to mess about with influence. Cyberdex Virus Suite and Crisium Grid also had their place. I liked the reliability of 3x Ash with the flexibility and variety of three one-of upgrades.

I can't remember using Archived Memories to massive effect at any point. I'd normally have at least one Aggressive Secretary in a HB deck, great for pretending to be an NAPD - and if they see it and trash it from R&D, it then makes them worry about everything else you put down and single advance.

Spiderweb is sexy gorgeous in a meta dominated by Lady (two counters to break) and Faust (three cards please), especially when doubled up or stacked with Eli 1.0 to tax heavily. They're vulnerable to Parasite, so I don't rez them early if I can help and let other things take the virus first.

Pop up I can take or leave. I removed two and a Tollbooth to put the Spiderwebs in. The influence could easily be switched, but be mindful of economy. Tollbooth is great as always, and while another wouldn't go amiss, be wary of having too much expensive stuff to rez or not enough economy.

I don't remember ever using Turing as a one-of, so arguably it needs another or replacing, but I still think it's good, especially with Faust and 4tman/Datasucker everywhere.

Vipers are criminally underrated (although they may struggle after the next big box expansion with so much link), but they're a great, strong piece of ICE. Mixing up with enigma for hard end the run and face-check punishment.

Ichis are good, but rubbish early, clickable, and most people have an answer later. It's worth having a couple to punish careless players and generally be a tax, but they're too expensive and flaky for a full three in my opinion.

Blue Level Clearance is like Beanstalk and Jackson draw all in one. Sexy times.

Denmark is a fantastic country, full of beautiful people and Copenhagen is a delight to behold. Everyone at the Nordic Nationals was friendly and welcoming, great sportsmanship and players, and very helpful. Many thanks for Vince for organising the FFG event and Sonny for being an excellent TO - any thanks to the countless other people who made it happen!

18 Aug 2015 wynalazca

I'd probably swap the Vipers for IQs, the Enigmas could maybe become Quandarys as a simple gear check (both are 0 for Yog.0 and they are both going to be popular Parasite targets), and I think I'd try to find room for a second Turing.

Otherwise, I'm really liking the look of this list.

18 Aug 2015 evilgaz

Try it and let me know how you get on. It's worth saying that the Enigmas are good for taking clicks off the Runner early and slightly better at Parasite protection. Plus they cost two to get through for Kate, or force a run last click.

Make your own choices and see how it works out for you though.

18 Aug 2015 clercqie

Great list, 3x Ash is 100% the right call.

Love the inclusion of Spiderweb, although losing Tollbooth hurts. What was the Kate/Anarch ratio at the tournament?

What are your thoughts about Blue Level Clearance vs. Breaker Bay Grid + Eve?

18 Aug 2015 evilgaz

52% Anarch, 27% Shaper, 21% Criminal

This is a rush style deck, so you don't want to be hanging around waiting for BBG & Eve to come together and click down, or be spreading ICE too thin on remotes. Adonis works fine and often sits in the scoring remote, to be trashed when you can score.

BLC forces more draw (which is a thing I often have to encourage myself to do) and counts at a free Beanstalk on top of that, so it's like an extra click. It's also great for getting back up to Hedge Fund level if you've lost all your money. Quite often you can have a so-so starting hand, but a BLC can change all that instantly - more often than not you'll pull up an extra ICE or other card you want.

18 Aug 2015 FBI.Net

Congrats on your 1st place nationals victory. Best of luck at world's.