I Don't Like Moon(days) - 1st Place European Championships.

MikeJS 678

Apocalypse wins games.

I honestly thought that this might be objectively the best runner deck against the field because it wins against Moons and SYNC. Building this list to 48 cards is incredibly easy, but chopping those last 3 was tough. GGs to all my opponents. I'll do a write up in the comments when I get some time.

5 Jun 2017 MazeBerlin

Glad to see Wizz with Apoc win :) Added Apoc to my Wizz deck a while ago as well but since I am such a bad anarch player it never made it out of testing. Definitely one of the most fun cards to play

5 Jun 2017 Cerberus

Needs more siphon! ;-)

(Congrats on your win)

6 Jun 2017 ANRguybrush

How's your opinion on playing a second Mad Dash?

6 Jun 2017 AkAnderson

Grats on your finish! How important is Turntable? Could it be Vigil or even Obelus? I assume you go tag me provided it is safe to? I'm only thinking Obelus just so that you could save a slot on Plascrete, perhaps? Would love to hear your thoughts.

7 Jun 2017 MikeJS

Thanks @MazeBerlin. I've always loved Apoc!

@Cerberus A better man would have run 3 and a Planned Assault. Cursed pet cards. And thank you :)

@guy.brush I considered it for sure. Mad Dash won me a decent amount of games over the 3 days. Seeing it early always helps a bunch, but card slots are really tight in this deck in my opinion. The last cards I cut were a Forked and En Passant and if I was to change anything it might be to drop the 2 Queen's Gambit for those.

@AkAnderson - Thanks! Turntable was a difficult decision also. I went over and back on that or Vigil, but never considered Obelus tbh. The idea was Turntable would improve the SYNC matchup if I went tag-me, and the Palana matchup because of the power of Nisei counters. I also put it to good use in a game against Moons that had scored a GFI early. I turntable'd that, taking my opponent off of match point. Obelus is still a good include however, but unless I get siphons off quickly won't save me from 24/7 Boom in the same way that Plascrete Carapace will.

7 Jun 2017 AkAnderson

@MikeJS Played through this a few times last night and I agree with ya. I just don't think Obelus would do enough and when Turntable does do something, its really good.

7 Jun 2017 ANRguybrush

Obelus is great,but has antisynergy with Eater.

8 Jun 2017 Laxen

Apoc <3

Congrats again man!