GRNDL rumble v1.2

hatman 181

You need four cards to make successful runs on this.

If you're using the standard breaker suite, you need a killer, a fracter, a decoder, and scorch protection. If it's an Atman build, you need an Atman at 0, one at 4, a Datasucker, and a killer. If you're using parasites, you need a datasucker, a parasite in the right place, a card to install it on encounter, and scorch protection. Likely, you'll need two parasites.

The morph ice and chimeras ensure that you'll need multiple breakers to get into my scoring server. The swordsman keeps AI-only decks from walking in for solid amounts of money. The scorched earth combo makes you play one more card to keep from dying.

Four cards. I'm betting I can score out faster than you can play 'em.

Scoring agendas weakens the corp--they lost a turn, and they likely burned through credits defending their scoring server. Usually, they rely on threats left on the board, either from scoring the agenda or from previous plays to keep the runners honest. But this deck gets a significant advantage from each scored agenda. Here's how:

  • Cleaners: If the runner is using damage prevention, they need another card. 2x Scorched Earth burns through a plascrete and 6 cards.

  • Atlas: Treat this as a 5 advance agenda. With two counters, you have control of this game. You can fetch another Atlas if your remote stays secure, score it with two counters, and auto-win in three turns from Hostile Takeover. Or you can just scorch. Or pull out one of your silver bullets. Or...

  • Geothermal Fracking: Use a counter to recover money as soon as you need to. This gets you right back in the business of scoring agendas.

  • Firmware Updates: Now the morph ice become double-threats: they could be either type at my leisure.

  • Hostile takeover: Don't bother with this if they have ways to turn BP into installed cards. Exception: if you have an archer on the table. Otherwise, it gets you right back in the game for 2 credits.

Each agenda keeps huge amounts of pressure on the runner. After scoring, I typically need at least a turn to recover. (Unless I had a Fracking/Hostile Takeover). While I'm typically a little vulnerable, runners will likely be scrambling for breakers. Multi-access on HQ or RnD is unlikely.

Sooner or later, the runner will likely get out their full rig. This deck is designed to delay that. Accounting is an excellent delay card, and will make them draw twice to install once, meaning you're cutting their useful clicks down. Will-o'-the-Wisp can stay in a server that the runner's targeting, dropping the runner by one card. Power Shutdown is fantastic against cheap-as-free rigs. Hitting a Datasucker for 1 card is great--hitting a fairy for 0 is even better.

As for scorching your opponent--with three scorches in the deck, the combo builds quickly in hand. The threat is pretty much all you need. Since you're not playing with clicks like other decks, you can only play out two scorches before the next turn, so a single plascrete or crash space will stop you. We're not going for the long game, so don't worry about burning their protection down. Unless they float tags. Then burn 'em.

Notable omissions:

  • Snare!: Yes, yes, it's a good card that helps the scorch. In my experience, snare into scorch is a Hail Mary. It requires either a false lead or a run on click 4--both things that don't often happen in this deck. On top of that, 4 credits will set you back a piece. If you're not dropping them a card from their four cards needed, it's often wasted tempo.

  • Wraparound: Another good card that keeps people out. There are enough ETR pieces of ice that I'd rather have Swordsman, though--few people expect it. With only two of 'em, they work best as Atlas counter finds.

  • Grim: The BP isn't generally the problem--the cost is. Lycan does the same thing, and requires one more card before it's defused. Again, high cost plays need to score agendas or drop the runner cards.

  • Errand Boy: This card is an accelerant like no other. I debated losing Archer for it, but blowing up 2 cards and ending the run is ridiculous, especially since all sentry breakers have trouble with it. I might revisit this, since Errand Boy on centrals would look like an ETR after the first rez, much like Yagura.


  • Wendigo: For 2 credits, set one of their cards to one side. "No," you whisper, "now's not your time."

  • Project Atlas: Two counters on this gives you tempo through the rest of the game. Finding answers is easy when your deck is wide open to you.

  • Enigma: Quandary is ok, but the face-checking penalty here is well worth the 2 extra credits. Since scoring the first agenda in ~ 3 turns is so important, burning down 1/12 of the runner's time to respond is fantastic.

Weaknesses: This deck is fairly resistant to early pressure. Indexing runs take 2 clicks to score, Account siphons don't matter as much when you have $TEXAS money, and single accesses have never been a huge problem for corps.

However, just because it's resistant doesn't mean it's immune. Hitting RnD with deep digs can seriously impact the gameplan. HQ accesses in the first 2 turns can yield good profits, and forcing rezzes can delay the all-important first score. Betting that they don't have SEA Source in the first 3 turns is a pretty good bet, just like betting that you don't have all your four cards in the first few turns is a good bet. In short, if you have early aggression in your opening hand, go for broke. But don't float tags.

As with all rush decks, getting your rig out fast is a winning play. Burst draw helps immensely with this, as does standard tricks like Mr Li and Wildside. A mis-timed BP can make finding scorch protection a non-issue, since you could, with luck, run in for cheap. If you have only a little early aggression, spend all your efforts to drop your four cards before turn 3, and keep some money around.

In general, if the card doesn't help you right now, it's useless. There is no late game. Don't prepare for it. Get in, or go home.

You need four cards. You have twelve clicks. Bet you five bucks I'm faster.