Vape Whizzard 1.2 (11th at Bristol Regional)

swabl 337

Further iteration on my previous list, but only minor changes - swapped Houdini for Refractor and Dirty Laundry for System Seizure.

Refractor certainly helped farm Net Mercur credits and System Seizure helped me clear a Death & Taxes. The changes were fine, short of a major meta shakeup there's not a huge amount of room for change in this list. Compile for System Seizure, maybe?

Went 2-2 on the day, being rushed out against Sports as I failed to find any SMCs early, and died to Gagarin because I just failed to get over the early HHN econ bump (we both draw the nuts, but I was one money card off making it further into the game where I'd have likely won). It beat BABW and PE though.