Dreamboat - 1st@Intercontinentals

Bridgeman 2145

Wait, which boat is OP again? This one is at the very least OB.

Here is the thrilling conclusion to the story about the indecisive exexcutives from last week.

"Scrap everything!"

"Sir, there is nothing left to scrap!"

"Oh... Mission complete!"

Yesterday I learned that with a lot of hard work, and with a lot of luck sprinkled on top, dreams do come true.

The loss in the event counted as a win due to an unfortunate decklist error from Sokka.

Beyond that it was not totally smooth sailing(pun intended), but I managed to stay undefeated for the rest of the event.

This deck went 2-1 on the day, losing vs Sokkas apoc lat and winning twice against NWEs Boatshipko deck in some tight games.

The Lat deck won all of its five games, fortunately dodging the worrysome PD and PE matchups.

I´ll keep it short and sweet since I am very happy and tired :)

I´ll be answering any questions in the comments.

Naturally as always I want to thank Nisei for organizing, I am so happy this game is still going strong!

Special shoutouts goes to my testing group Unband!

This time we took 3/4 slots in the top 4 and I´m very proud :) Shoutouts to Sokka and Iceprisma for taking 3rd and 4th respectively!

Extra thanks to the people who helped me get ready for the event this week: Kikai, ArminFirecracker, Sokka, TheKing and Tempest. You guys are the best :)

I have to go now, looks like the dreamboat is departing!

11 Sep 2022 Jai

Have I ever mentioned that you're my Netrunner idol? Because you're totally my Netrunner idol.

Well deserved on the victory sir, and looking forward to seeing what alt art you'll come up with!

11 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

@JaiI think you have mentioned it actually xD And that is very nice of you to say :)

I appreciate the kind words, and I am looking forward to my alt art as well :D

11 Sep 2022 Kikai

I'm glad that all the Lat/PD testing we did came in useful. lol.

11 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

@Kikai hahahahaha sure did xD Well tbf it helped a little vs ASA

28 Sep 2022 Pawndawan

Excel Ob