For-Profit Online University (4-0 MTL Online Tournament)

s.fritzi 35

Brought this to the Montreal online tournament, where it went undefeated! My runner, by contrast, was garbage and lost every round.

Deck highlights in no particular order:

  1. Hydra usually wound up as my sole HQ ice and is absolutely punishing. As Azmari, you can usually afford it.

  2. Paying the runner a nice home visit gave 3/4 wins. Hard to argue with that.

  3. News Hound was a last-minute swap in for IP Block and I'm very happy that I made the switch. It's much more consistently annoying since you want to keep a Scarcity of Resources in play anyway.

  4. Digital Rights Management and Attitude Adjustment make sure that you generally only see your agendas when you need them. If I make any changes, it might be a second DRM, it's that good.

Overall thanks to Roberto for setting up the tournament and to all the folks who came out to play! Congrats to our winner, oneiromancer.

29 Mar 2020 Radiant

For anyone that hasn't seen the youtube video, PLEASE watch it it's incredible Also, I've been playing a lot of something similar but had three Daily Quest in it and no Surveyor - may end up giving this version a spin, on first glance I like it better.

29 Mar 2020 s.fritzi

Seconded, I really can't recommend the video highly enough. I also used to have Daily Quest but honestly you're basically always good for money. It's more important to have punchy ice like Surveyor and tempo control cards like Rashida Jaheem, Digital Rights Management, and Attitude Adjustment. If the runner is still building up, you should be scoring.

1 Apr 2020 SneakdoorMelb

What's the video?