Hubris [Worlds 2020]

ggDropbear 229

Final position: #92 (Equal 55th, 8w-6l).

excessive pride or self-confidence.
  • Odore deals with Tour Guide... and that's about it. I think just going Bukhgalter would have been the smarter play, but I was massively afraid of Asa decks.
  • PAD Tap is replaced with Deuces Wild and OH RIGHT DRAWING CARDS IS GOOD IN ADAM. WHY DID I REMOVE DEUCES WILD. The deck works so better on Deuces than PAD Tap. Thanks for the ban, NISEI.

Mostly bog-standard Engolo plan from here on out. You get to see what the Corp is doing all the dang time, you have a free HQ Interface for the insanity-hand Asa matchup, and it's fast enough to try and slow down Titan Atlastrains. Does he have horrible games where you lose just due to luck of the draw? Absolutely. That's why it's hurbris to play Adam.