[SOCR7] So Many Fake 3 Pointers

ManBunBatty 52

My goals for Cache Refresh were simple - learn some of the new cards (I was coming back from an extensive ANR break), and play some IDs I hadn't played before (and perhaps wouldn't look to generally). This Mti went 5-1 in Swiss, landing me in 4th place for the cut.

In the cut, Mti went 2-2, getting me into the Semifinals but really flooding on the final game.

This is the final version of the deck, there were 3 other versions before it. Generally it felt like Corps had the upper-hand on Runners in this version of SOCR, I think many people would agree. Just too many good economic and draw options available that Runners could generally not keep up. This Mti does play a lot like it's standard counterpart, but generally is looking to score out quickly if possible. And despite the general economic advantage, the deck does get poor after a few rezzes - many turns were spent hard-clicking up into Hedge and IPO range.

Finally, I'd love to thank all my opponents in the tournament - thekuehm, Loveless, lostgeek, mcg, tolaasin, and RepoRogue. Thanks for the great games, sorry for the places where I lucksacked, thanks for helping me learn these cards and think about the game in terms different from Standard.

Built with: (A) 1 Revised Core, (B) Terminal Directive, (C) Honor and Profit (Big Box), (D) Kitara Cycle, and (E) Reign and Reverie. Note: we followed both MWL 2.1 and 2.2 as appropriate.

28 Sep 2018 BlackCherries

I'm so confused by your deck title lol - What does it mean???

How often was Guard was worth its slot? I feel like its at the bad-strength level of 2 where it loses to Ika, Laamb, and Engolo.

It does do nicely against Lustig though!

28 Sep 2018 ManBunBatty

@BlackCherries 3x NGO and Bio Vault - a bunch of double advances that could be three point agendas.

Guard was okay. Mostly exists to aid some early rush strategies, may have only been useful for that exact reason once or twice. Always useful for boosting Surveyor. ICE was what I changed most about the deck week over week, just tuning as I learned more about the breakers people were using.

1 Oct 2018 BlackCherries

Ahh that makes more sense. I read the title and was expecting x3 False Flag or something.

Looks like you'll have tough choices to make for SOCR8 between Mti / Rashida / Surveyor and whether or not to keep H&P or TD.

3 Oct 2018 ManBunBatty

Just noticed a mistake in the decklist - the 1x Bacterial Programming should be a 1x Braintrust. I had accidentally deleted the list before publishing and had to recreate it and the notes.