Matromar - 0-2 @Montreal GNK 2023-07-08

Diogene 3941

This deck can put pressure. It is fun to see a corp needing to triple ice archive, haha!

At the event, this lost by narrow margin to Sportsmetal (piloted by Jon) and was gloriously killed by Mavirus with 4 cards in hand by Personal Evolution (piloted by Nick). On both occasion, eXer was demonstrated to be amazing (the MVP card of the deck).

The reason to use Matryoshka is because it is easy to find early and you do not need to pass a lot of ices, when you can pressure well anything. They ice HQ, you run archive. They ice archive, you run R&D. They ice R&D, you run HQ. Unless the corp is setup to be a glacier, you will be able to pressure everything consistently.

Sadly, Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist is rotating, which is why I wanted to try it in an event before it goes. It is fun to pilot!

Thanks to all for the wonderful event and fun games, the Montreal meta rocks! Cheers!

10 Jul 2023 Girometics

We seem to be working on similar decks at the same time! I like the inclusion of Matryoshka and I'll probably think of adding it to the Omar Deck I'm working on.