Regionals Leiden Winner MaxX

BJester 74

9th of may, Leiden, the Netherlands

21 people, 4 rounds of swiss, cut to top 8

Card legal up till the valley

Swiss 2-2

Top 8 3 wins, 0 losses

Few notes:

  • Siphon rocks, play that card
  • Morning Star rocks, but hard installing sucks
  • Blue sun is terrible, luckily only faced it once in swiss
  • Be careful with your recursion, you are going to need that levy
  • Not sold on Grimoire, but you need some MU, Spinal Modem might be better
  • I'm scared of Blacklist, but Breaker Bay wasn't legal yet
11 May 2015 akonnick

@BJesterCongratulations on the win! I've been working on this deck for a while and enjoyed seeing your comments/changes. I tested against Blacklist this past week and it is a problem. I think as long as you keep Singularity in the deck, it is probably enough protection but may be too early to tell. I like the cut back to 1 Retrieval Run and am actually going to make that change myself as I usually only use once a game and it isn't essential. I cut the 2nd Singularity for a Hacktivist Meeting, but will see whether I get punished by Blacklist. I also like your Spinal Modem suggestion and will probably try that. When I built the original deck, I just threw Grimoire in as the cheapest source of memory, but I think that 5 total MU is probably fine as you rarely need Parasites if you get long enough into the game to get the other programs installed. Let me know what you think if you try out. Thanks again for posting!

11 May 2015 BJester

@akonnick, credit where credit's due, thanks for the inspiration! I've been testing and tweaking the deck over the last 2-3 weeks but ended up almost where I started.

The problem with blacklist is that it is everywhere at the moment. If it is here to stay, time will tell. I tested with hacktivist and never really liked it. Wanton has been underwhelming most of the games, but saved my vs a couple of heavy damaging corps.

I even feel the 6 MU is running tight at times, sometimes you just want to install those 2 parasites, hence I'm wary about making the switch. But seeing how many times I click for credits during some games, the recurring credits from spinal sure as hell seem appealing

11 May 2015 BJester