[SBL 21.10 playtest] Loop Palana

cableCarnage 1290

This decklist was developed during SBL 21.10 testing, and is being published in the interests of transparency and to provide a more even playing field at Worlds

This is a deck I tested for SBL 21.10 to gauge Kakugo + Shipment from Tennin.

The deck is a port of Cahuita's Loop Palana to the latest rotation. Replacing The Future Perfect with Bacterial Programming is a serious drop in power somewhat counteracted by Spin Doctor providing paid ability speed recursion. Hokusai Grid is used as a worse Breached Dome. Celebrity Gift is alright but other econ options are worth exploring.

In testing this deck that is capable of playing a mix of tempo and attrition felt stronger than a pure attrition variant. Your matchup spread is decent; I don't think you are amazing or terrible against anything. Runners going too lean to fight HB would struggle against this corp.

19 Oct 2021 Krasty

With so many big ICEs, isnt Send a Message better than Bacterial Programming ?

1 Nov 2021 superheronation

I think Regolith Mining License is probably more effective than Celebrity Gift in a deck with so many cards which will be painful to show (Snare, Punitive Countermeasures, Chrysalis, maybe Obokata). Regolith is 6 clicks to gain 13, Celebrity Gift is 2 clicks to gain 7 and show 5 cards. Assuming the difference between 7 credits and 13 credits is greater than 2 clicks and 6 clicks (which I think is usually true in Jinteki, the faction that probably clicks the most for credits), I think RML has more upside.