The Keeling of a Sacred DeeR

DeeR 1342

Hello! This is one of 3 prison decks (4 if you include runners) that Snarebears brought to Fite Night. It’s probably the least conventional of the corps, but it opens new play patterns for both corp and runner, so I hope you play a few games with it and see how it works yourself.

I’m not going to give a full description because I’ve only played 6 games with this iteration, and I’m still discovering lines (I actually only realized in my fite nite game against The King that you can trash unrezzed ICE by installing ICE over it so It’s face down), but generally, the goal is either (1) Kill the runner with Keeling/Anemone so they can’t steal Obokatas, or (2) create an uncontestable prison board state with Nanisivik Grids and Kakurenbo. These game plans synergize well with each other, because Keeling and Anemone make it difficult for the runner to maintain a grip of the necessary 2-3 pinholes.

This deck was the product of a LOT of testing among the Snarebears group. Prior iterations of the deck were designed by myself, Eric (@whiteblade111), Patrick (@RotomAppliance), and Greg (@CritHitd20), but it was Cat’s (@Kysra) version that I think most successfully unified the kill/prison strategies and convinced me the deck was viable. Congratulations are in order to my teammates Chris (@analyzechris), Jon (@Janktivist), and Dan (@cablecarnage) who played their minds off against some amazingly difficult matchups. Netrunner is more fun when I play with y’all. Thanks to Unband for bringing the coolest decks I’ve seen since Parhelion. Thanks as well to the commentators & organizers of the tournament, and my local meta mates in Philly (@functor, @pouchsurfer, @CJ) and New Jersey (@coldlava) for helping me test!


8 Jan 2023 groenkaaf

16 inf trash build

9 Jan 2023 DeeR

my only regret is not going to 15 inf

9 Jan 2023 wiriamu

My wife said let’s play with one of your other corp decks. I stared at an Ag prison deck and a Drago prison deck, shrugged, and started a game playing Ag vs a landlubber 419. We stopped after 10 minutes. Sorry, bad choice, I said. Moral of the story: kitchen table: bad; competitive netrunner: good.

9 Jan 2023 Kysra

Hahaha, yeah, this is intended to be a competitive tournament deck. I think the landlubber 419 matchup can be quite interesting (I think even won a game or two in testing), but it's very skill testing.

9 Jan 2023 Diogene

I enjoyed the game you played against an apocalypse deck played by the King. What a great finish!

Some questions:

  1. Why DNA Tracker instead of Vampyronassa?
  2. Since you play Kakurenbo, why not replace a Regolith Mining License with NGO Front?

If you will, what is your opinion of the fact that prison decks are the most competitive currently?

Thanks for sharing!

9 Jan 2023 DeeR

Good questions! Both were actually considerations made in this deck.

  1. DNA Tracker has better numbers vs all the breakers I was worried about in this tournament (Unity, Mayfly, Aumakua, Blorch, Buzzsaw), and the face check is better (as every subroutine is relevant, as opposed to vampy where usually at least two of the subs have a low impact on facecheck).

  2. It was originally 2 Regolith 1 NGO, but I found I never used NGO with Kakurenbo (Bio vault, keeling, nani, or an agenda was always better). Given that, I wanted to just run the card which gave me more money, which is regolith.

And I think prison decks are fun and interesting. They open key questions for the opponent (do I rush the win or disrupt their board state? how close is my opponent to their win condition, etc). I have issues with their effect on tournament play, because they can clearly be winning with a deficit in agendas, but I think that can be resolved with a change in the way we keep track of time at tournaments.

11 Jan 2023 Radiant

This is the best deck name I have seen in ages

12 Jan 2023 Ozvaldo

This is definitely the best deck I have seen in ages …

15 Jan 2023 spags

Beautiful deck. Beautiful deck name