Good stuff Zahya (startup)

Diogene 2778

Good stuff criminal. In startup. Good econ, good at passing ices, aim at HQ mainly.

Corporate hack

Once Docklands Pass is on the board, running HQ will get you 2 .

There is good tempo draw with Earthrise Hotel along The Class Act. Red Team is always good, I love this new card.

Harmony AR Therapy will let you get the good cards (Jailbreak, Bravado, Red Team, Daily Casts and Sure Gamble).

The breaker suite is just good stuff and Rezeki are as good as they always are.

In a 40 cards deck (my favorite size), the deck is consistent.

9 Apr 2021 DArtagnanMF

Thanks for the deck list after our game on jnet. Looking forward to giving it a try!

23 Apr 2021 Yestin

I also faced this Zahya deck on jintekinet, it really works! The tempo puts a lot of pressure on the corporation.