Bravado 3[credit]

Event: Run
Influence: 3

Run a server protected by ice. When that run ends, gain 6[credit] plus 1[credit] for each piece of ice you passed during that run.

“Hold my wine. I’m going in.”
—Red Comyn
Illustrated by Kevin Tame
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Uprising (ur)

#74 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2020-03-20

    NISEI Uprising Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    Does the run need to be successful for the Runner to gain credits?

    No. Bravado's conditional ability meets its trigger condition when the run ends, regardless of how it ended.

    If the Runner passes an unrezzed piece of ice, does it count toward how many credits Bravado lets them gain?

    Yes. The Runner does not encounter unrezzed ice, but they still pass it.

    What happens if a piece of ice is uninstalled during a run made with Bravado?

    If the Runner already passed the uninstalled piece of ice, Bravado will remember that it was passed and count it toward the credits gained. If the ice is uninstalled while it is being encountered, the encounter immediately ends. The Runner passes that ice's former position, but since the ice is no longer there it does not count as a piece of ice the Runner passed during the run.

    If the runner passes the same ice more than once during a single Bravado run, does that ice count multiple times for the payout?

    No. Bravado counts each distinct piece of ice the Runner passes, not the number of times the Pass Ice phase of the run occurs.

    What about if a piece of ice is trashed after being passed, installed again from Archives, and passed again, all in the same Bravado run?

    In this case, Bravado would count 2 pieces of ice passed. The game treats each card as a new object when it is uninstalled, so Bravado has no way of knowing the new ice is the same card that was trashed earlier in the run.

    If the Runner plays Bravado, but then Mind Game or another deflector moves the run to a server without any ice protecting it, does the Runner gain credits at the end of the run?

    Yes. Only "if successful" abilities have an implicit check that the attacked server is still one that the effect creating the run would have allowed. Bravado's conditional ability does not stipulate anything about where the run may have gone, but just looks for it to be complete.


Corp side review. Why corp side review? Because that tells a hell lot more.

Use it to Face Check. Just use it.

When runner uses this card like Normal-Boring Dirty Laundry, I'm calm, indifferent. They just get what they supposed to get.

But what if they use it on turn 1? Annoying, annoying as hell. This card will teach you why Face-Checking is good play.

Maybe I should put more Cortex Lock in my Jintekis.

(Uprising era)

Is this card too good? I'm not so sure about that just yet. Is it going to be an autoinclude in every single blue deck that runs? You better believe it.

What if Dirty Laundry got you ~minimum~ 3 credits, and didn't require a successful run? What if you could combine this with that thing Crim is really good at, derezzing and hardcore credit denial, to make servers you can waltz through and get paid a bonkers amount of money for the pleasure? What if it got you as many credits as Dirty Laundry and didn't require a successful run???

Well, here ya go. Yes, it costs 1 more cred than the card I keep comparing it to, but 3 credits really isn't that much, especially for a card that will net you 3 credits when it resolves No Matter What. Every non Crim is going to be super jealous of this... as they should be. The more I look at this thing, the more I fear it might be a problem! Here's hoping I'm wrong, because dang is it cool.

(Uprising Booster Pack era)
It is more situational than Dirty Laundry, which is its only strike against it. All in all, definitely an auto-include in most blue decks. —
^ What cpt_nice said. You could use DL on any server for quick cash. Bravado cant be used on an empty Archives or naked asset. Doesnt make it bad ofc, just more situational. —

Risky, not situational. Situational implies it's likely there will ever not be be any ICEd servers to try using it on, which, unless you're running Apocalypse and the corp has no backup ICE, is unlikely. You're definitely risking facechecking a Checkpoint or Cortex Lock, depending on matchup, though.

Checkpoint, at least, is completely safe to facecheck; you just jack out after the sub fires, preventing the run being successful; and Cortex Lock has rotated. The only common cards that it's dangerous to Bravado into on your first click of the game (so that you have no installed cards to be trashed by subroutines) are Anansi and Saisentan, both of which are mostly only played in Jinteki.

After the release of Swift, I figured I'd have a bit of fun by building around a faction I didn't use all that often: . And who better than Ken?

This is a Run event, meaning it would interact with Swift, Ken, and other cards that require run events, like Always Be Running. It does have a steep cost at 3, though, but if you can survive the run, the 6 or more credits you make from it can be quite useful. Even if the run ends prematurely, such as from a Nisei counter or a Border Control, you still net 3 credits. Of course, that's taking into account you're paying out of pocket. This feels like an analog to Dirty Laundry, but it doesn't rely on a successful run. Is it a better version of Dirty Laundry? Yes and no. Yes because you can potentially net more than 3. No because of its 3 influence cost. This is probably a must for Criminals, but I'd recommend exercising caution before slotting it in elsewhere, especially if you don't have a lot of influence to begin with.

(Uprising era)