Border Casino - Antwerp GNK 1st

Slowriffs 828

With everyone all excited about Crowdfunding I decided the best way to rain on everyone's parade was to play Mti and just not allow profitable runs at all! It's basically a standard glacier Mti with some cheap taxing ICE and the usual suspects for painful face checks. We lost Obokata but this suite isn't much worse, and also very defensive. No excalibur either but I don't really care, cheesing peope out because they don't have an AI breaker installed is a bit silly anyway. Some card choices:

  • Slot Machine: An idea from @Okkdoko. It's a cheap and very taxing but porous ICE, but you really just don't want to run through it. Throughout the day the second sub actually fired more often than not, making the card functionally free, and no one breaks this ICE. The third sub doesn't really have a lot of use but then again it almost never fires either.
  • Tsurugi: I don't like relying on News Hound because the ETR sub always manages to dissapear on the worst moments, but I really like having an ETR sentry. Enter Tsurugi, hard ETR on a decently taxing ICE. Anansi has been nice in the past but it's just so expensive and Anarchs just facetank it anyway. So I replaced two of them.
  • Swordsman: Snipes turtles, 10/10 would snipe turtles again.
  • Border Control: You know why, it's busted.

That's it! Mti is still the best glacier id in the current cardpool.

10 Dec 2018 FREDPI

Killing my poor Turtle twice was just rude

10 Dec 2018 Okkdoko

Ding ding ding! Nice deck :)

10 Dec 2018 Slowriffs

@michiel.questier Change your name! Now my writeup is wrong!