Mumbad Border Casino

5N00P1 796

Played this together with a Liza Mining Deck at a small Tournament.

This deck is derived from Slowriffs Border Casino but I love Mumbad City Grid to much and it was clearly my MVP. Only played 2 games on a small tournament, but won both of them against Crowdfunding Val.
Included Thimblerig as it enables you to fire Border Control form any Thimblerig server and exchanged 1 Tsurugi against an Anansi as info about R&D and the punishment is usually great and not so easy to break.
Slot Machine is just bonkers, losing 3 creds is great and not worth it for Crowdfunding but when you get your investment back it get's bonkers. It has no stopping power, but gives you information about the runners draw (and they might use it for Inject) which is also useful.