Axlotl 2631

This deck has 36 separate cards that trigger on RnD accesses. And Ice Walls.

Jackson Howard is a crutch.

That is all.

1 May 2017 funnyways3

I've personally wanted to build a deck with the R&D access ice and just stick a Chum as the innermost. Just to screw with their heads. Make 'em think it was a bluff or something until suddenly it's a card they have to deal with.

1 May 2017 Handsome Jack

@funnyways3I'm dying of laughter just because that works. Thank you for that ridiculous combo.

2 May 2017 ransomman

Why not Mother Goddess or Wraparound instead of Ice Walls? Could free up some influence for an Extra Snare or Something! Funny Idea though!

2 May 2017 Valranoth

@ransomman: Ice Wall gives a target for Herald and Award Bait counters if there's no agendas available.

2 May 2017 Axlotl

@ransomman Because without Ice Wall Space Camp, Award Bait, and Herald don't have any non-Agenda targets! I want the pieces of my gimmick deck to at least be functional with each other. The Ice Walls, Sweeps, Hedges, and 3/2s are concessions towards a functional shell over pure gimmickry.

With the amount of surprise free advancements the Ice Walls actually have done a lot of work on Jinteki. This deck can actually win some games.

Unrelated: Opponent Temujining a bare archives, then accessing multiple Honeyfarms from it is hilarious.

2 May 2017 pr1metim3

why no Chrysalis ? probably the trash programm ability of sapper is more usefull, then 2 net damage. damn it i hate it when i anwser my own question ... anyway great deck

6 May 2017 Cyberzack

Pretty cool deck, seems, fun, ima play me some!

6 May 2017 soultsunami

Honestly I'd replace the double space camp with another Snare!. But that's just me loving death.

6 May 2017 quailman2101

Sounds fun!

6 May 2017 kayakninja

What's up with the News Teams and TGTBT? Do runners not just go Tag Me since you don't have any punishment?

7 May 2017 Axlotl

Tags are their own punishment! Have you ever had like 8 tags? It is sooooooo embarrassing.

7 May 2017 Ebrey

Needs more Quantum Predictive Models! It's a trap in R&D if the runner hits TGBTT or news team first!

7 May 2017 CWoodward

@Ebrey What I have found to be better (though not able in this current build) is 3 Quantum Predictive Model in archives with a Data Raven in front to force a tag. So damn infuriating.

8 May 2017 Axlotl

Kitties make the agenda spread a little awkward. I started with 2 when I as drafting the list out, but cut them when I brought in the 4 3/2s.

8 May 2017 haywire

Awsome Jank! :-D Tried it on yesterday and had a surprisingly high win. Didn't think, this could work, but it did. Employee Strike may wreck the Deck, but who cares ^^

9 May 2017 manveruppd

I can't believe I'm the first one pedantic enough to point this out, but this is actually the ultimate AMBUSH deck! You don't seem to have a single trap in here! :p

10 May 2017 I_AM_G:\ROOT

if the runner regularly goes tag me, would not want to include a few copies of Psychographics to score out an over advanced beale? im so excited by this deck. it may just become my new corp deck.

11 May 2017 Syntax

Someone has been pissed off by Medium :)