Spooky HB

yeoda 945

Big shout out to CJ Heintz a.k.a "Uncle SPOOKY" for the original. It's been an on going project, and this deck is just fun to play when you're wanting to just overwhelm the runner.

I almost brought railgun... But I love me dat purple.

If you really want best purple, take CI 7 pt shutdown. Hell, do hasty CI even. But if your meta is all criminal and shaper with maybe a few whiz: Take a chance on this.

I played ALL criminal on the day. Turns out they get overwhelmed by this.


Any Whizzard and a good Desperado Andy can really mess you up.

I've played against several slum whiz matchups with my boy @akanderson and @shmeguy; Because I'm a masochist and like losing to whiz slums.

But even so, If you get your ice, you can protect RnD and ice your ?Turtlebacks and Mumba Temples. If whiz tries to chase those, then just double ice and jam. If he leaves it up - just play your asset spam game regularly. It's not an auto lose. Those IDs can't all deal with FA.

If you have you have clot sac con, just play a shell game. Put ELP up and make them respect all your remotes.

Vs Whiz: Get ELP, Ice turtleback/mumba, and time when you can burst (install 2x asset, sfmm 3 assets.

Vs Andromeda: Double Ice HQ to stop early siphon, Spam out while single icing Rnd, and then get to diversified fast.

Vs. Clot/Sac Con: Need ELP to play shell game. But honestly you can still FA out if you have money and force the clot - burn the cvs (they sac con) then install over agenda. It's a weird game. It's mixed with shell game/forcing their money on smc/clot.

Vs. Anyone else: Apologize for breaking them.

12 Feb 2017 hasuprotoss

alt text

2 Spoopy 4 me

12 Feb 2017 Fruggles

@yeoda 53 cards.

Ronald Feels left out, bro.

12 Feb 2017 tonybluehose

53 cards! love it. Congrats on the win!

12 Feb 2017 yeoda

Oh yeah @Fruggles - good catch. 54th card is Ronald Five

12 Feb 2017 thesubatomic

I love this deck, great meta call for the tournament! Now you've got everyone in Dothan wanting to play it... Thanks for that...

13 Feb 2017 gundamcc

Another assets spam deck, even though it looks really fun, I think Friends in High places needs to be on next MWL....

13 Feb 2017 AkAnderson

Grats on your win homie.

14 Feb 2017 Jandersoncad

That one credit will haunt my dreams. Just saying. Good games man. It was great to see you again.

18 Feb 2017 eadipus

your 54th card is Helion Beta Test, trust me on this

18 Feb 2017 yeoda

@eadipus- yeah, i've added Hellion Beta Test and Lakshmi Smartfabrics in place of some cards. I haven't had a chance to play it since SC though. Thanks for the tip!

18 Feb 2017 eadipus

nice, this is fairly similar to my Jeeves decks and its been doing work for me in that. Your deck has convinced me to cut Hedge for moar assets and its really helped to attain the critical mass it needs where the runner gives up trashing things