Mti Mushin (1st of 24 at Brno Regionals)

Persopheus 80

I originally planned to play Weyland or HB for corp at the regionals, but I found Mti so annoying to play against, I decided to give it a shot. I first thought of Shipment from Tennin with 1 and 2 point agendas, but settled then for Mushin No Shin built. Mushin No Shin works very well with Mti allowing you to save precious clicks and money while scoring a 3 point agenda early. With a Himitsu-Baku or a Tithonium in hand you can score an SSL Endorsement relatively securely, the Obakata Protocol works also with Cortex Lock, DNA Tracker or Anansi (the big ice will need a sure gable in the opening hand though). Punitive Counterstrike and Consulting Visit work as a backup strategy, if your opened manages to steal or gets lucky on early accesses. In Swiss, I used Punitive not a single time, but in the cut it allowed to win two games in the second, respectively third round. Generally you don't want to install many ice, only if you need to protect several servers a time - or in case of Employee Strike. Hence the Scarcity of Resources. You need to score two 3 pointer agenda and one 1 point agenda. Chronos Protocol is the bane of anarch, and in won me one game in the tournament. Gene splicer doubles as a trap and as potential agenda point, working quite well with Mushin. I was considering to play one Junebug, but as long as players are respecting Junebug, you don't actually need to play it. Rashida Jaheem and NGO Front are good cards, Marilyn Campaign is just there for some additional money and to spend the last point of influence. The only card that I would definitely again in this build is Surveyor, as you don't want to install many ice on remotes and having ice playing first or second turn with immediate effect is crucial. Tithonium is surprisingly good and won me one game against 419, not only trashing Aumakua and ending the run, but also trashing a Citadel Sanctuary. Although the 1 pointers can be sacrificed, if necessary, I usually payed the iron price, but even for trashing a newly installed Daily Cast its worth it. So I might go for a third Tithonium instead Surveyor, but if anyone has suggestions for other Weyland alternatives (because of Consulting Visit), please let me know.

3 Jul 2018 Longi

Hey man, contrats on your victory campaign through the day :)

3 Jul 2018 5N00P1

what are you using your Consulting Visits for? Mainly Punitive Counterstrike or also Mushin No Shin & Scarcity of Resources?

4 Jul 2018 Persopheus

@Longi Thanks Longi ;-)

4 Jul 2018 Persopheus

@5N00P1 I used it mainly for Punitive Counterstrike, but it is also there for Scarcity of Resources, if I need to get rid of Employee Strike. I am not sure if you ever want to consult for a Mushin, because it diminishes the click and credit advantage of Mushin No Shin. Instead of having to spend a card, three clicks and two credits and have three advancement counters, you can just just install and advance two times for the same cost, saving the card. Not sure if in this case the card equals the third advancement counter, especially that 2 is already enough to score next turn. Maybe if one is short a credit or two otherwise. I can imagine myself using it, if I end up with both Consultings in my hand and nothing else to play, but that's about it... However, I am thinking about adding other operations to get more value of Consulting Visit, like Redemptive Action for example, suggestions are welcome!

9 Jul 2018 Haven1

@Persopheus how about considering Formicary from R&R for Surveyor?

31 Jul 2018 Persopheus

@Haven1 Yup, Formicary is a great choice for this deck, though I would also consider slotting 1 Boom! and get rid of the Marilyn Campaign in the current meta...