Mti Sentry Tribal [1st Tulsa Regionals]

DoomRat 1731

This my deck from the Tulsa Regionals. It went 5-0 on the day, vs. Apex, Adam, Kit and 2x Val. The list is a modification of a list @branimated posted in stimslack, which in turn is a modification of @RotomAppliance's Euros list.

My (boring) Val list is here.

Card Choice Highlights


News Hound and Cortex Lock cost 6 to break with MK, and Surveyor costs amounts that don't bear thinking on. Additionally, as your Mti, you don't have to worry about whether News Hounds EtR subroutine will be on, since the runner is going to turn it on for you with Employee Strike. This isn't revolutionary, but its the heart of what makes the deck good.


We're not in Palana here, so we need as much econ as we can stuff in the deck. After the 12 neutral econ cards, I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel and ended up going with Mental Health Clinic over pad campaign since if you rez it and val immediately trashes it your still up a credit. The one thing you absolutely should not play is Celebrity Gift, because you don't want to advertise if you don't have cortex lock at the start of the game and you won't have enough cards in hand to use it at the end of the game because of Clan Vengeance. Another is Melange Mining Corp.. If your clicking melange your not playing this deck fast enough.

Code Replicator vs. Marcus Batty

This deck has 3 unconditional end the runs, which means your frequently in a position where your playing a psi game to do a trace 6-8 from surveyor to end the run, where as with code replicator you pay two to either end the run, get the same trace, or the runner to pays 9-12 to break surveyor again. That code replicator costs two to trash instead of one was also relevant several times.


You may have noticed that this deck doesn't play a restricted card. Our goal here is to tax the runner out on credits, not cards, so Obokata Protocol doesn't really make sense at all. Moreover, we desperately need the money from SSL Endorsement, which doesn't mix well with GFI. I have noticed that this agenda suite has an added benefit in that people will just assume you have Obo, and play around it, which does matter sometimes.


I think both Preemptive Action and Cyberdex Virus Suite can be cut. I plan to replace them with 2x Voter Intimidation, to kill Ice Carver and/or Turning Wheel. You could also consider more economy cards, as this deck has an endless appetite for credits. The next best option is probably pad campaign, or cutting IP Blocks and adding Marilyn Campaign.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, I'm really happy with this list. It has reasonable anarch match-ups, and everything else feels highly favorable. Quick shout-outs to Team Covenant for hosting an awesome event, @venali and @netdad for driving 8 hours to Tulsa with me and @branimated for giving me the idea for this.

5 Jul 2018 branimated

I've also been moving towards more SSL and less Obokata, so it's cool to see that you took that to its logical extreme. If you're trying to add Voter Intimidation, Sadaka seems worth looking into.

10 Jul 2018 DoomRat

@cybersage I did some testing with both Sadaka and Voter Intimidation and they were both pretty low impact. I've got to one Voter Intimidation and 1 CVS (there's a lot of criminal playing turtle around all of a sudden with the R&R cards), but may change it.

11 Jul 2018 moistloaf

this deck is fawkin good

2 Aug 2018 Vortilion

That thing is awesome! What an abomination...