[Startup] Tagstorms Sink Boat (2nd place, NH Circuit Opener)

NotAgain 930

[4-1, undefeated in swiss, lost once in top cut]

Can we import End of the line? No, we have End of the line at home.

Thanks to Oddball's fascination with Anvil, I began to think that maybe Anvil is a bit too busted, but now, what ID would have the most junk to trash? Enter beloved asset spam NEH. Between 3x funhouse and 3x anvil which all go on centrals, we tax the runner in terms of clicks and installed cards. They can only have so many No Free Lunches which are usually the first to get pitched to Anvils. Add in more surprise tags and you've got what it takes to sink some boats (and more). Going tag me? Fine let me score a 4/2 out of hand while also doing 4 meat damage.

Game 1: Win against Reg Padma. No boat, no game. We went to time but an overadvanced beale saved my skin.

Game 2: Win against Reg Padma. No boat, no game 2, pubtrail retribugaloo. Props to them for doging a potential flatline by Snare for 3 whole accesses.

Game 3: Win against Esa. too broke to contest a Tollbooth and I had scored enough points before they got their breakers to matter.

Game 4, top 4 cut: Lost against Sable. One ice in hand, and 3 agendas, ended up drawing two more so that's that.

Game 5, top 4 cut: Win against Reg Padma. Easily the most intense game I played in a good while. I got pretty lucky with having 2 of their boats, 2 buzzsaws and a cleaver in the bin. So they go tag me while I'm at 6 points and they're at 4. While trying to Deep Dive. they access an agenda from HQ, match point and the Deep Dive is yet to come! I slowly reveal the top 8 cards having mentally written the game off as a loss but apparently it was a whiff! Then I scored out the next turn with the one agenda I still had in hand.

This deck completely carried my really bad runner deck. The real gem of this deck is surprisingly Shipment from Vladisibirsk. Massive thanks to Jamie for helping me cut this deck down from 59 to this version as well as suggesting the card in the first place. And a massive thanks to Oddball for some brainstorming beforehand.

While this deck did good, my runner ended up winning only 2 out of 5 games. I ended up at 5th place after swiss but the 4th player had to drop out which resulted in me being bumped up to 4th. I did not expect to even be top 8 so, this was wild and overall coming in 2nd place feels undeserved (that's not considering the winner giving their CBI to me since they don't intend to play standard) so here I am mulling over an odd victory of sorts.

Anyway, 10/10 deck, go piss off some shapers.

26 Mar 2023 Oddball

I've got a fever... and the only prescription is MORE Anvil!

26 Mar 2023 Oddball

@NotAgain This looks like a fantastically taxing deck. Slowly eat the Runner's board state and econ with Anvil and Retribution, lots of assets and you keep stacking up tags.

Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

3 Apr 2023 Skandrino

How do you score the 4/2 out of hand when they go tag-me?

3 Apr 2023 xdg