Twins at the Foundry 4.0

RogueNite 13

As yet unplayed idea for a deck. I'm fairly new to Netrunner (I dip in and out due to various circumstances) and due to that I have never played Haas-Bioroid before, but since The Twins came out I've been really interested in the consistency of possible kills using it and The Foundry, especially Merlin. I was also pretty excited by the crazy interaction between ABT and Foundry.

I understand Twins became more popular sometime after it came out and was curious for any of those more familiar with such decks to provide some advice on how to play this and what changes to make.

I've just been throwing out hands and making changes based on that so far. Maybe in play it will have less econ problems than I imagined, but the inclusion of things like Alix and Sweeps Week was down to a general feeling that this deck needed more econ than it had, especially burst. I also originally had Marcus Batty in here but decided there wasn't really any single subroutine here that was worth it so I was kind of left with spare influence to be honest.

Anyway! Thoughts, suggestions, comments?

1 Oct 2015 HolyMackerel

An alternative kill to Merlin is Komainu. 2 Komainu will deal 3x the number of cards in their hand in one-damage subroutines in combination with the twins, as he retains the subroutines until the end of the run.