Atmuvian Woman (1st Cardiff SC)

Chimpster 484

This was my answer to CtM and did very well all day only dropping one game (to CtM sadly!).

Gameplan: Make runs absurdly good value by having Suckers, Temujin, Patron and Davinci down - profit! You need to see good econ in your opening hand so you can afford to install Rabbit Holes and not lose any tempo. Once you're upto link 4 with a decent amount of money in the bank, you can contend CtM remotes and start pressuring the centrals. Often you'll have to choose between hitting their draw or their econ but that's a fairly standard choice against CtM.

Davinci did great work all day - installing RDI before access, installing Temujin before access or just letting me bring out an Atman in hand at instant speed. It's not bad for installing a Patron before start of turn either. Underworld and Beth give you steady value throughout the game and replaced Daily Casts quite nicely.

Against non-CtM decks, Atman continues to do amazing work with Datasuckers. My first game of the cut was against HB and was utterly dominant. Tutorable recurring Parasite with two Datasuckers out is as fantastic as it ever was and Atman at 4 still does amazing work (Atman at 5 is pretty awesome these days too).

The dream was alive at several stages in the tournament and one run granted me 7 creds (Dirty Laundary, Temujin), 2 cards (Patron), 2 Sucker tokens and 2 Davinci counters. That's some value right there.

I still think Astrolabe is the right call, it's absurd value, even without the Kate discount and I wouldn't want to swap it for Nexus, especially if it meant giving up the Temujins.

Levy is probably an open slot, I didn't use it once during the tournament but came close to needing it in one game. Might be better as another Patron or Underworld. That said, if you have any Jinteki in your meta it might be worth holding onto.

Was a great deck to play, with lots of options, let me know how you find it!

15 Dec 2016 Mechanoise

Well done on winning the store champs, I was the one with the HB deck ;). Being up 4 points and with a scored Mandatory Upgrades was my hope of sealing the deal, and since it's a trap-centric HB deck as opposed to a standard Glacier one my R&D was suffering to the Parasites. You were right to hammer R&D simply to stop me drawing my agendas, and I don't think I prepared or responded to that threat. I'd be interested to see how it handles to a proper HB deck (Foodcoats).

Was a pleasure to meet you and play you. I hope you don't become a stranger to Cardiff :)

19 Dec 2016 michaeln

I played this on Jinteki and won vs a Builder of Nations deck; the Levy certainly helped then. Thanks for the deckā€”it's fun to play!

3 Jan 2017 percomis

So SIFR from Quorum (if you haven't seen it yet: seems like a good include into Katman decks, but not sure what to take out for inf. What would you take out to fit in 2? And do you think it would help the deck?

3 Jan 2017 Chimpster

It definitely has some potential, you'd have to sacrifice a Temujin to do it I think which makes the 4-5 install cost that much harder. Makes atman at 0 amazing though, along with instant kill with parasite, definitely worth testing. I'd really miss Astrolabe though I suspect.