Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 with indexing

GooberMan 128

Modification of this sweet slice of peak Netrunner from worlds:

Nothing special here. Counter Surveillance was dropped for two Indexings; and I used Mad Dash instead of Freedom. Freedom is actually the correct choice. I'd probably drop the Datasuckers for that third Mining Accident. Or, if I'm expecting lots of CTM, two Stimhacks.

Didn't drop a game at the Netrunner Reborn tournament in Pori, Finland. Publishing to link it on ABR. Had my corp won a single game, I'd probably have gotten the chance to run it against a CTM that was running Consulting Boom.

The match ups were:

1st round - Sportsmetal. First turn Indexing got me two 2pt agendas, and it was all downhill for my opponent from there.

2nd round - Sportsmetal. None of these Sportsmetals were rush or combo. Liza's always running and applying pressure. My opponent said the game was frustrating for him thanks to all that pressure. Equivocation won me the game there I believe.

3rd round - Skorpios. Focused on meat damage. The second last turn, corp installed a Cityworks. 4 meat damage if I could get in to that server. This took me a lot of thinking and going "yeah let's run it- actually, nah, wait a minute" before realising the correct play was not losing the Indexing I had in hand on a lightly defended R&D for a measly 3 points. Down goes Indexing. Turned up and SSL, Atlas, and Standoff. Well then. Stack the deck so he draws ICE on his turn, let him take his meager three points, and I go back in next turn for the win.

4th round - Jinteki Biotech. Pretty sure it was that deck from worlds. I let the first Mushin go, which scored a Future Perfect. Cool. Gave me a bit more time to set up, apply HQ pressure, throw out some Fisks. Used Fisk to charge up for a potential Junebug, turned out to be an SSL. Got an Obokata on an R&D run, turn after an Indexing and a Fisk from memory. Was worrying about my stack getting low towards the end, but an Archives poke to get easy triggers for Liza turned up a Future Perfect and two Breached Domes. We both bid 1. Breached Domes did nothing. Good game.

One of those games, I'd gotten a Rogue Trading in my hand that would have gone in the bin during discard, so I installed it last click. Which forced the corp to trash it. Always tax the corp.

tl;dr - Always take Indexing. And laugh at anyone that pulls a turn 1 Scarity on you.