Noodle Adam, 8th @ ECG Store Champs

anarchomushroom 757

This was my first experience with Adam in a 20.06 banlist world, and I can say with confidence Adam is still decent if not outright good, but this probably isn't the list. I ended up going 2-2, beating Palana and Titan, but losing to RP and Blue Sun.

The two Career Fairs should be Stimhacks or probably anything else, I think I used them twice over the course of four games. I thought they'd be good but I ended up wishing they were literally any other card. Na'Not'K is great, but if you can make room for the ultra influence suit of Engolo/Clip/Bukhgalter I would. It's a tonne of influence but it's absurdly good if you can slot it.

Two Kati feels bad but is absolutely the right call. Kati is so important as an economy card especially on turns where you're not doing much barring setting up.

TTW is probably fine. Handy if your FTT ends up getting trashed.

This deck also needs some form of recursion, what that is, I'm not quite sure, whether it's Reclaim, Buffer, or Labor Rights. There was once or twice in the tournament where I lost a breaker or a Logic Bomb and needed to get it back somehow. Buffer Drive is probably not good enough, but I'm not big on Reclaim either.

All in all, Adam's good. Free HQI is really strong. He's got a pretty solid Titan matchup and absolutely dumps on slower corp decks, but struggles still against Argus and CTM (basically anything running HHN).

21 Jul 2020 ValkyriezGaming

Swap the two career fairs for a Simulchip to get that recursion? You can always sac a RNG key for the Simulchip trigger to get a breaker back, and its 2 inf for 2 inf. Alternatively, could be a Labor Rights to get a breaker back and lean on Engolo until you draw it, and if you don't need the breaker you bring back 2 laundries and a Stimhack.

As for the killer, I don't like NaNotK. If you do go with labor Rights or Simulchip, consider finding 1 inf to slot Ika in. Its really efficient and the only drama is if the corp trashes the ICE, but then you go back to leaning on Engolo. Bukhgalter is the gold standard, but you're going to have to chop a few cards.

21 Jul 2020 anarchomushroom

After some discussion on #adamlounge I don't think recursion is needed tbh. If you do lose a breaker then 3 Bomb and 2 Boomer is probably good enough.

At the moment I'm doing the Engolo/Clip/Bukh suite and it's honestly fantastic. Multithreader and Bukhgalter is fantastic.