Advanced Astronautics Line - Undefeated in Swiss

blindidiotgod 125

Undefeated in the swiss, 2017 NSW Regionals.

You start scoring agendas, then you turn those agendas into more agendas. AAL allows you to sneak Oberths out. Jeeves is taxing, scaring to be kept alive. Never be afraid to Audacity. It's a beautiful card.

4 round swiss. Didn't lose a single game against Inversificator Kit, Two wizzards of various flavours and a Noise.

3 Jul 2017 dawspawn

How did the Aggressive Secretary do? I was thinking about switching it with two Project Junebugs for a cheesy flatline, or possibly Ark Lockdown. There's also Estelle Moon, but not sure how useful she would be as a one of.

10 Jul 2017 HiggsBozo

Team Sponsorship seems better than Friends in High Places in this deck.