🐯🍞 Tigerbread - 1st at Stockholm regionals

Jakuza 701

So this is the beast I brought with me to Stockholm regionals. It's a personal build, combining elements of 2 types of RP to lead to a horizontal deck that can actively fight the runner.

Tijgerbol _ (Corp chilling out and doing its thing, runner running around like a madman)_

TeamSpo and Bio Ethics

The deck has acces to two "paths", one being regular scoring out gaining tempo along the way, the other being a kill if the runner is not careful. Actual kills don't often take place, but the deck does quite regularly place runners in a stranglehold of sorts. Depending on your matchup and on what cards turn up in your hand, you want to lean harder on either one of the paths.

The deck truly became viable with the banning of Employee Strike. With that card out of the pool, it was quite clear that certain ID's would rise in power, RP being the one of most interest to me as a fan of horizontal decks. The deck benefitted a lot during the Regional from still being a relatively unknown quantity; an advantage that is obviously lessened somewhat now (I sincerely apologize). Most of my opponents during Swiss were quite cautious against the list, due to not knowing exactly what the deck contains or is capable of.

What's up with the name?

The actual Dutch name would be Tijgerbol (tiger bread bun), as it can be thought of as an evolution of an older favorite deck of mine called Rozijnbol (raisin bun). It's become somewhat of a habit of mine to name decks after weirdly sounding, unpronounceable for foreigners Dutch bakewares. I've been informed however that adding emoji's and an actually pronounceable name could lead me to the illusive DotW. If you truly want the name to make sense; here's another GIF referring to how you'll often make the runner feel:


MWL 3.3

The deck looks to gain in power with the move to MWL 3.3, as the lack of Crowdfunding will lead to poorer runners who will likely be less well equipped to fight your tools. We also gain access to Excalibur, which can be a very rude install on one of the centrals in RP.

Card explanations

Agenda suite

Viral Weaponization - The agenda that allows the deck to actively attack the runner, plus allows it to set up the aforementioned stranglehold sitations, when combined with TeamSpo triggers.

Project Yagi-Uda & Philotic Entanglement - 3/2's we can score fast and sometimes NA from the board if the runner lets us. In this case we sometimes grab a Jeeves click along the way, for one of my fav plays: Adv, adv, adv, gain Jeeves click, delay score, use click to install Teamspo, score.

The Future Perfect - These obviously defend themselves and lower the agenda density to a healthy 9 agendas, but what might not be obvious; we sometimes score these out, especially during a scoring chain. A totally not uncommon scenario: Turn 1 of chain: Adv, adv, adv, gain Jeeves click, score, Teamspo fire to install TFP, Jeeves click adv. Turn 2 of chain: Adv, adv, adv, gain Jeeves, adv. Usually we win at this point when we maneuver things this way, as we only want to score the 5/3 as our last agenda. Runners often don't recognize this pattern, as a 1/4 division in scoring a 5 advance agenda is very irregular.

The Honorable Horizontal Way (Assets)

Bio-Ethics & Hostile Infrastructure - The net damage package. The tools we imported from more prison oriented RP style lists. When to rez these is one of the biggest decision in handling the deck; leaving an Ethics unrezzed on the board can be totally correct, if they would easily get to it.

Breached Dome - Just the one. We don't have slots for more traps. The single Dome does a lot for us though. It will obviously allow us to poison archives, but once seen will also make some runners just a tad more cautious (and therefore slower) in fighting you. Sometimes we can lure our opponents into it, if they're getting stressed after some NA shenanigans. In those cases, it can be correct to not overwrite it and use it (rezzed) to make our Tour Guides even bigger.

Daily Business Show - Just the one due to influence. We would definitely like a second one, although due to the scoring speed of the deck it isn't as necessary as in some other horizontal decks.

Jeeves - Two, due to slots. Allows you to NA a Viral for some truly rude chains, when combined with Hostiles and Ethics. Runners that get wise to your ways will trash the butler upon sight. With the deck now being out in the open, moving to three might be correct.

TeamSpo - The card that makes the whole deck hum. It connects your two paths. Leave these unrezzed until needed.

Tech Startup - The deck has a lot of moving pieces; these allow us to find necessary assets that we don't have on the board or in HQ yet. Two is enough as they are far too easily trashed. Your first target will often be Turtlebacks if you don't have one running yet. Jeeves is the second choice most of the time. After that things start to diverge wildly, based upon what you have on the board and what kind of runner you're fighting. Startup for Ethics, Rashida or Sundew, whilst not immediately giving you the benefit that you're looking for, is uncommon, but can be correct.


Envelope - One barrier, to make them find their barrier breaker. This preferably goes on the remote, but will do in a pinch on a central.

Aiki - Cheap and annoying, but our worst ICE. Exchanging one of these for an Excalibur is a fine choice for MWL 3.3. Moving some influence around and changing these for IP Blocks is something consider, if MWL 3.3 moves us to the expected turtle meta.

Crick - Cheap, annoying, fine anywhere. Don't overfocus on getting it on Archives.

Thimblerig - This innocent little ICE might just be the greatest gift that RP got in the last official deluxe box. Thimble allows us to be a lot more flexible with our ice placement, as we now have the ability to move things from quick fix to optimal positioning (from central to remote and vice versa). Using a precious Tour Guide early to protect a Sundew no longer forces you to further build that remote for scoring.

Architect - Favourite ICE. If looking for influence, these are a good first place to start looking. They're often unexpected these days however and even getting just one fire can pull you miles ahead. For personal reasons, I'd never cut these. If replacing them, make sure to keep your ETR/"spiky" balance roughly the same.


No. Pre Emptive is too slow.

Thanks to all the lovely people I met, drunk (too expensive) beer with and generally had a great time with.

15 Jul 2019 robotmascot

Interesting deck βœ… Strong deck βœ… Emoji βœ…

May your ascent to DOTW be swift.

15 Jul 2019 percomis

10/10 for the deck, 100/10 for the player, 4/10 for the last gif (I expected the inside to have tiger stripes or at least a tiger to jump out :( ) Congrats Elwin! Long live Turtlebacks!

16 Jul 2019 EnderA

Quite elegant! Would a single Political Dealings be worth including? It synergizes with Jeeves/Rashida/Daily Business Show and most of your agendas.

16 Jul 2019 Jakuza

@percomis All hail the Turtlebacks. Also, promise to laser something stupid with a tiger.

16 Jul 2019 sanjayshelat

So nice to see a Jinkeki deck being it home!!! I look forward to taking this deck for a spin! ;-)

16 Jul 2019 CryOfFrustration

God I miss making the runner faceplant an Excalibur as they run archives thinking it's a cheap way to attack my remotes! I've scored many a Nisei mk2 that way!

10 Jan 2021 zmb

@Jakuza with Salvaged Memories this decks is alive again ;-) I gave it a few rounds with Snare! instead of Breached Dome What combo are you thinking about when you say Viral Weaponization into Team Sponsorship exactly?