Sparkle Friends

PineppleBush 47

Yay Spark! Murphy got me playing Spark after he won a Eude store champ with it (Astroscript Sparkle Program). But that was a year ago and since then the meta has changed. Runners had too much money in constructed, and wizard was everywhere, Spark didn't get much traction.

With you have a better chance. With core, D&D and Future Proof you get a lot of good stuff that makes this deck sing like a classic NBN credit denial FA deck.

I really wanted to play Ad Blitz but the time was never right or I didn't draw it. Pricey, but I think it gets a lot better when you blitz a Launch Campaign with a Special Offer. Pop-up Window was my 1 play set, cause it's always real good. I also replaced a Resistor (because I couldn't find my 3rd) with a Keegan Lane - got him to fire twice durning the day. Would play again.

Red Herrings never got used, but I think it's still good.

Mostly I just made a boat load of money with all the assets, then threatened midseasons and scored out. No Jackson isn't too scary if you don't get flooded and forget he exists.

7 Mar 2017 bfavanzato

You could make this NAPD legal by replacing Eli with a stronger barrier such as Data Ward, which would suit your deck as it makes a lot of money and capitalizes off tags. It would also contribute to the taxing nature of Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach.

8 Mar 2017 Murphy

Great stuff. Way to go Jay!