Boats are a Crutch (56th at Worlds 2022)

Ghost Meat 937


In my third consecutive run with Hoshiko at Worlds, I only played one copy of Endurance, to the chagrin of everyone I know, so in my defense, I just want to say: It wasn't me, it was the man in the captain's hat.

This deck went 4-2 in the main event (wins against PD, Sports, and 2x The Outfit, losses to Sports and PE), and also did decently well for me in Crown of Servers on Friday. My team with @hams and @chouxflower was TC Duggar's, an I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson slash Netrunner pun. Thanks to the handful of people who got this, and my dope TC tugging knob which I demoed when our team name was read. Other names we generated were:

-Hope I Don’t Jack Out

-Miss Bones Are Their Money

-Thousand Plastic Meat Damage

-I Think You Should (Pan) Weave

-First Place at the Ob Snarfing Contest

-Self-Modifying (Certified) Chode

-You Can’t Skip Launch Campaign

-Dangerous Nights Bioroid Work Crew

-Telepresence Magicians Suck!

-In Our World Miss Bones Equal Dollars

-You Can’t Skip No Free Lunch

-Mongoose Suit

-Adult Ghost Tour Guide

-Somehow Our Wireless Net Pavilions Got Crossed

-Stable of Stargates


-Dan Flashbangs

-Errand Bald Boys

-I Don’t Even Want to be a Runner Anymore

Please message me if you think of others in this very niche vein of comedy/nerdery.

My favourite aspect of this deck is The Twinning's synergy with Divide and Conquer, as Divide's card text has been updated by NSG to include the words "breach" for HQ and R&D, so you can see three cards in each server with four Twinning counters, plus hit archives. It's a great closer, and worked to win several games for me over the weekend, and many in testing before Worlds. Hoshiko draws a lot here, so having 1x Endurance seemed fine to me, and it usually shows up more or less on time in most games, though not always having its early pressure probably slows the deck down.

Thanks to Null Signal Games for an amazing Worlds, to House Hippos teammate @Sokka234 for winning the event, to all my opponents over the weekend (all of whom were absolutely wonderful to play and chat with), and to my House Hippos testing crew of fellow Nucks and BC players for all our hard work and theorycrafting leading up to the event.

Netrunner in the Wyld Worlds posts here:

14 Oct 2022 formerteen

i love the divide and conquer + twinning play! and also the name "I Don’t Even Want to be a Runner Anymore." i hope to see you at the next worlds!