No-nonsense Apoc (4-2 & 7th @NtscapeNavigator's SC)

Matuszczak 2078

Just a good cards Val deck. Still extremely solid. Always has been. I don't think there are any unplayable matchups in the current meta and some are heavily Val-favored.

This is the most vanilla, stable, "boring" version I have at the moment. Botulus, Labor Rights, Moshing, Hippo and Hijacked Router are some cards that aren't bad in this deck and will certainly see some more testing, but deck slots are extremely hard to find with the new excellent Gateway cards.

If you don't want to reinvent the wheel and just have fun winning games with a no-nonsense, high skill ceiling classic, enjoy :)

10 May 2021 DonLoverGate

Jailbreak's an interesting include. Why this over the other options?

10 May 2021 Matuszczak

@DonLoverGateI like Jailbreak a lot, very useful at any point of the game. Either you get to poke a central maintaining your setup tempo or you just get a valuable multiaccess card later in the game. Bonus points for microsynergies with Apoc turns.