Fly on the Wall, Electric Bugaloo [16th US Nats]

omnijeff 524

It's the Bug deck.

Minor changes from the version I played in Fresno, converting it mostly to the version Gerry (@Manticore) played. I didn't miss film critic but I also barely needed Levy. If FFG decides to restrict Zer0, just go back to the trope version and you'll barely miss anything.

This list dropped two games. I lost the first game in Swiss when I turn two installed Ribs and Zer0 and promptly forgot they were there and essentially clicked to draw for three turns in a row. I lost the first game in swiss to Clint (@Ramus) who was on an amazing MTI dealings deck. Even with a good start I would have had serious trouble with that matchup, never drawing a hacktivist made the matchup almost unwinnable with the econ I put in the deck. This deck is designed to camp the manditory and a few Rashida draws, not check remotes. If you want to play this deck before R&R comes out, seriously consider -1 stimhack +1 By Any Means, it will let you trash DBS and Dealings for "free".