[SOCR4] Pragmatic Kit

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This deck went 2-2 in SOCR4, which was definitely not good enough to get me in the cut. Wins were against Skorp and PE, losses were to @presheaf's rewiring + neural CI (flatline) and @x3r0h0ur's Titan FA.

Professional Contacts + Armitage Codebusting is a surprisingly reasonable little setup. The initial proco install frequently leaves you low on credits, and when you use it to draw, you need to dump cards.

Oh what's that, you say? Armitage sucks? How many clicks do you have to spend dicking around with Magnum Opus before it out-performs Armitage? 5? 10?


Futurebuxx fer daze

The graph above shows the profit (vs. clicking for credits) of Armitage, Liberated, and Opus over time. Since you are no doubt using procon liberally throughout this process, I'm assuming that by the time you have spent 6 clicks draining one AC, you have found another one.

After the first couple of games, I freed up enough influence to get in at least 2 Liberated Account in addition to the 3x proco + 3x armitage, and I liked the mix of options, which helped to smooth out the spikes in LA's profit and kept me out of situations where I had a handful of cards I couldn't install.

Other benefits of Professional Armbusting:

  1. catchy nickname
  2. you can use Inversificator
  3. pleasing odor
  4. can be used in cache refresh
  5. slots are not nearly as tight in CR, so dedicating 6+ cards to econ is fine

Otherwise, this is just the list that I converged to after a decent amount of testing and tournament games. I think the overall balance of econ, fundamentals (breaker suite and multi-access), and tech cards (feedback filter vs. Jinteki, RNG Key vs Obokata, Corporate Defector+HQI vs. CI) felt good.

Another great event, so big thanks to @fightingwalloon.

This deck is on video multiple times, check the alwaysberunning.net page for the links.

You (the reader) should 100% play in the next SOCR -- keep your eyes peeled on the Stimhack forums, the netrunner subreddit, and other places where fun people talk about fun games.

22 Feb 2018 internet_potato

Looks like the abr.net link doesn't show up until the top cut is finished: here's the page with videos alwaysberunning.net

22 Feb 2018 Marks

"I'm assuming that by the time you have spent 6 clicks draining one AC, you have found another one. " that part may of may not be true. When 2 other AC are burried down, and since fetching resources is kinda hard, well, u know the rest.