3rd Place German Nationals: Deal with the Spam

ryanbantwins 2428

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This is the corp deck that I played during the German Nationals (94 players). In swiss it won against 2 Maxx and a Smoke, lost against Geist and had a timed draw against Maxx. In the cut it won against Maxx and lost to Liza. Sadly I had to forfeit the semi-finals against the same Liza due to time issues. FYI this tournament was played with the new MWL, but without the Maxwell errata.

The new MWL was quite devastating for my corp decks. I played MTI (Estelle Moon), Brain rewiring CI and Museum Gagarin during regionals. So I was kinda out of ‘degenerate’ decks for the German nationals, bah. The MTI deck was the only deck that could be salvaged, but without Moons it lost a lot of its power. And in my opinion it’s actually a fair deck to play against now.

Most of the deck stayed the same compared to the list from Antwerp regionals, except for the HB influence. I still needed the alliance for Jeeves so I traded some MHC for Marylin Campaigns. The extra influence was used for extra Tour Guides and they did an amazing job in the tournament.

I don’t really mind estrike, but with the resurrection of Maxx (due to patchwork) I was kinda scared of Hacktivist. A single current helps a little bit, so I included a Cerebral Static. I think it cleared one Hacktivist, annoyed a Geist and it was actually great against a Smoke.

In most games I scored 2 (or even 3) agendas just by installing them naked. For some reason this works. There was one game where I mulliganned into 4 agendas. So I just installed 3 agendas turn 1. Eventually I scored all three of those agendas and won the game. I also had a game in the cut where I installed 3 agendas on turn 2. Scored 2 of those and won the game.

Nobody expects the triple agenda install. It's the most OP strat in the game.

6 Sep 2018 RvdH83

Cool deck! Thanks for posting it, I was considering recreating it from memory. :) I was seriously afraid of it during King of Servers. And man, it still was fast.

Maybe I should've picked runner in the first game during the cut, after all. I feel MaxX should have a chance here now that I see the list.

Congrats on the high placement! And too bad you had to leave early.