Rozijnbol MTI (2nd after Swiss Euregio)

Jakuza 689

Name translates into Currant Bun, which is clearly a logical name for a deck like this. Alternatively I could have called it Roller MTI, but that would have been boring and likely wouldn't have caught your attention. Still, that's what the deck does, so here's my chance to satisfy my guinea pig meme quota for the week:


This beast is the main reason for me ending up second after Swiss (third after T3) at the 2018 Euregio tournament in Essen, Germany. As the gif might give away; this thing just keeps on rolling. I have to thank RyanBanTwins for the base shell, as it's based on an asset spam MTI list by him that I immediately liked upon seeing at German Nats this year. The core here is the same, but the plan works out differently due to the changes in the list.

The biggest change is the move away from Viral Weapnization to Nisei MKII, a choice that I debated a lot, but never regretted a single time on the day of the tournament itself. I have to thank UK overlord tr1s for this as this was one thing we came to during some random fites on Jnet. Forcing a runner through a 8 sub Tour Guide twice is a glorious feeling. The other major change is moving some influence around to make room for an Enhanced Login Protocol to clear Strikes and give you some chance to regain momentum afterwards. This was hugely effective in testing, but wasn't of use during the day itself. Ice and assets were changed lightly and could see some changes again. The third DBS is missed a lot and cutting it was likely a mistake. Swordsman is worth its weight in gold, especially when combined with Thimblerig to move it if needed.

Scoring agendas without losing tempo, rusing the runner, naked agenda installs that are relatively safe, this thing does it all.

I had a great time at the Euregio event, so a lot of thanks go out to a lot of people. Most of all to my colleague TO Rene, for running such a fun and smooth event. Compliments to him. Also to all of my opponents, namely Steffi, Sanjay, Krystman, Gijs, Paul and Volke. Lastly, to my Enschede meta teammates, who I travelled with to the event; RvdH and Gijs.

Keep on Rollin'!

10 Oct 2018 Cluster Fox

Now I've got Limp Bizkit stuck in my head.

11 Oct 2018 Jakuza


Meme train has no brakes.