1st Place Dutch Nats: Keep on spamming

ryanbantwins 2439

This is the corp deck that I played in the Dutch nationals (40 players). It’s another variation of my Political Dealings asset spam deck out of MTI that I also played during the Antwerp regionals (1st) and the German nationals (3rd). This deck went 3-1 on the day with wins against Geist, Valencia and apoc 419 and a loss vs Khumalo. Yes you’ve heard that correct, I won a nationals by playing a total of 8 games (could have been 6, but Michiel didn’t want to ID and we ended up splitting anyways). Long live byes and Intentional draws.

I followed Jakuza’s (Euregio 2nd) advice and swapped the Viral Weaponization for Nisei MK II. I was happy with the include and Nisei MK II did some good work. I still like Viral Weaponization, but I think that if you play Viral Weaponization, you will also need a single Hostile Infrastructure against apoc.

ICE was changed a bit. DNA Tracker was swapped for Anansi due to the prevelance of Engolo in the meta. Cortex Lock and Komainu were underperforming so they got cut. Swordsman was included again because it’s actually amazing in MTI. Himitsu-Bako was added due to the synergy with the ID and Mumba Temple and it was a life saver. The Vanilla should be swapped to a Himitsu-Bako as well.

The assets only changed a little bit. Raman Rai was added for a pseudo Museum of History with Daily Business Show (watch Beyoken’s video for this interaction). A third Jeeves Model Bioroids was added, because people like to pay 5 credits to blow him up.

Thanks to Kelfecil for organising this tournament so smoothly and to everybody from the Belgian crew for an amazing weekend. Especially to Clusterfox, because without him we would probably not be able to participate in so many raiding parties.

And remember, Always Be Running!

22 Oct 2018 Cluster Fox

@ryanbantwins<3 thanks for the shout out :) the Bako in this deck was absolutely insane and two would have been bonkers, well done on taking the title for the Belgians in the Netherlands! Well done bro, you 100% deserved a Nationals title.

23 Oct 2018 gilesdavis

Congrats on the win dude!! Loved watching this deck on the German nats stream, and always enjoy your games :)

May I ask about ice placement and what you prioritise committing to protecting? TGs on centrals of course, other than that is it usually Pol. Dealings and Jeeves you look at protecting? Raman or Mumba maybe? I guess it's often matchup and situational to a large degree?

Cheers <3

23 Oct 2018 ryanbantwins

Thanks, it is indeed very matchup dependent. There are 3 kind of strategies

  • A runner who trashes nothing: Than you can indeed throw your TG's on R&D.
  • A runner who trashes the combo pieces: In that case it's best to throw a TG in front of PolDealings and maybe something small in front of Jeeves. If they trash PolDealings through the TG, you'll probably have a scoring window in the same remote and you can Team sponsorship the Poldealings back in the remote.
  • A runner who trashes everything: In that case I will often make at least 3 single iced remotes to protect asset that make it easier to spam to basically increase their trashcost. Most of the times asset like turtlebacks, temple, jeeves and even DBS.

Don't be afraid to just score out in a remote (against clot for example) or just from naked installs (with MTI trigger into TG when they check ideally).

23 Oct 2018 wedgeex

It's time to, at minimum, restrict MTI.

23 Oct 2018 Saan

I love it. I really didn't think this deck could survive once Estelle Moon was banned, but Tour Guide sure is a good ICE for the left over influence. Sick win with a sick deck =)

25 Oct 2018 gilesdavis

Thanks mate. Appreciate the tips, and congrats again <3

27 Oct 2018 EnderA

Swordsman is amazing tech in MTI. You can purge and have it available on every server simultaneously.