Mad 2 Dash

iceprisma 12

Not much new here either. Deck is basicly Sokka's ControlLat with minor modifications.

-1 PAD Tap, -1 Paricia, -1 Into the Depths, +1 Caldera, +1 Mad Dash, +1 Self-modifying Code

Caldera was tech card againts PE. I had a hard time to choose which corp to play with. I finally settled on MrBuggles's PE and thought that some others would have also decided to play with it.

Based on my test games Mad dash had a big role in winning difficult matches. It was easier to win thosematches if I found mad dash in the first half of the deck.

Many thanks to my entire test team Unband. Without your help I would certainly not have done so well. Special shoutouts goes to AxWill who helped me get ready for the event.

15 Sep 2022 AxWill

Congrats on the great placements during the continentals season! It was really great to prepare together and see the tournaments unfold.

I'd also add to the reasoning behind the Mad Dash that 2 copies not only means seeing one sooner in fast matchups like PD, but 2nd copy is also useful in itself in some matchups like PE or Sports. Definitely meta-call since Paricia has its uses as well. But that was only rationale for an idea I take no credit for.