Miner Wu (Cache Refresh)

count_slackula 64

This is the runner deck I took to the Cache Refresh Tournament at Euros, it went 2-1 on the day. Finished 29th because Mwanza PE with Tempus was a fun but poor idea, it turns out?

The idea is pretty straightforward: Your Econ comes from Mopus, Bad Pub and Cyberdelias.

Get Dhegdeers and Mopus and Laamb out fast with SMC and/or Wu + Scavenge, and Deep Data Mine often and Mining Accident often. Maxwell and Laamb make for good remote pressure, and the spicy include is... one of Maw, which you can modded out. The dream rig is: Cyberdelias, Laamb, and Maw letting you break even on HQ pressure while Mawing pieces, and then DDM for deep digs.

It runs two of every breaker because Skorp is a thing? It actually beat two Skorps, but lost to a CI despite turn one DDM for five points. The second DDM whiffed after a few rounds of me not applying enough pressure.

Anyway, this deck is really fun!

Peace, aido

3 Jun 2018 BlackCherries

This deck looks sick, nice work!

I'm curious if you found the setup time to be quite slow? I ask because your breakers are all 4 and you've got (ideally) 4 pieces of expensive hardware you want down as well. It sucks that Shaper's console choices in CR are so expensive with Ubax, Daredevil, Dinosaurus, and... Monolith.

3 Jun 2018 count_slackula

@BlackCherriesIt depends, two of my matchups were Skorp, meaning Wu trigger for 4 cost Mopus + Scavenge were off the table (despite many attempts to bait an rfg). Modded helps a tonne for Cyberdelias/Programs, and if you land two Mining Accidents, the BP helps the SMC cost. Wu's decreased cost stacks with the Dhegdeer decreased cost too, which helps. The setup can take a bit of time for sure, but it also doesn't rely on Cyberdelias for MU cos of Dhegdeer, so can pressure early with DDM and just a Laamb if R&D only has one ice.

3 Jun 2018 Cpt_nice

Sexy ass deck, take my like