D1en is my Hero (Stroud Store Championship Winner)

Cerberus 4881

I played this deck because D1en is my hero and this is a version of the deck he played at Worlds 2016.

This deck went undefeated. (Alongside Miffed Val who was also undefeated)

In all honesty, I thought this would be a good meta call with many people dropping Plascrete from decks, and relying on Aaron Marron. The reason that this combo works against Aaron is that there is no paid ability window between the 24/7 and Boom(s) so it is not possible for them to remove the tags.

I made some changes to the deck, I dropped one of the 24/7, it isn't needed for the combo but it's useful if you want to 24/7 Boom them normally. I also took out Salem's because I thought there would be very few Anarch's with both Plascrete and IHW. In their place I put two Disposable HQ, this stops you from losing due to agenda flood when you draw lots early. Traditionally I installed this in a new remote for the card draw, it always got run because the threat of Sensie is so great. I like this addition.

Here's the basic combo after scoring a Breaking News. (Which I've stolen as I'm lazy)

Click 1: Install Jackson

Click 2: Power Shutdown for entire deck

Pop Jackson for 24/7, Boom, and another card that solves a problem (Sweeps if you need the credits, Boom for double plascrete, etc.)

Click 3: Accelerated Diagnostics

What's nice is that you don't pay additional cost with cards played through Accelerated Diagnostics so 24/7 doesn't need to forfeit an agenda, Boom doesn't need to pay an extra click, etc. You can also make your first Jackson pile be Interns (for Jackson), Subliminal (to gain a click) and another card to help combo through hate. This requires 2 ADs, but it's a good option if you need an extra card. Also, if they stop running, Sensie is a great option to bottom agendas and self-mill to combo out without Power Shutdown.

28 Jan 2017 Katsushika

TeamDave whoo! :)

29 Jan 2017 d1en

Much love Dave, good to see it played well for you!

29 Jan 2017 zeroshift

@Cerberus @d1en

Why is Restructured Datapool in the deck - is it simply to make up the agenda points? Cos I cannot realistically see it being regularly scored.

29 Jan 2017 presheaf

Yes, I'd guess so. It "should" be a GFI, but the inf doesn't really allow it. You could try cutting an AD for it, but that makes you slightly slower in drawing your combo. Has anyone done any kind of math on whether removing an agenda point from R&D is worth drawing the combo slightly slower?

30 Jan 2017 EnderA

IMO you should prioritize getting the combo. "Slightly slower" is an understatement.

Best part about this deck is with Sensie Actors Union and Disposable HQ you don't even need a Jackson Howard to do the combo, just tuck the 2-3 combo cards on the bottom.

30 Jan 2017 scd

I'm missing something. How does Disposable HQ mean you don't need the Jackson?

30 Jan 2017 mrgoldendeal

@scd If you know what the bottom 3 cards are (your combo pieces), you can Power Shutdown for X, where X = [number of cards in your deck] - 3 instead of the entire deck

30 Jan 2017 Steinbran

I'm surprised there isn't just one EOI included (over, say subliminal messaging, which you generally aren't ever using in the combo I assume, and you aren't AS desperate for funds as, say CI&), so you can combo as soon as the opponent steals BN even if you haven't scored one.

30 Jan 2017 presheaf

I don't think EOI will generally be that useful. The only agendas you are usually going to be able to score are 2/1s, and there is only 2/1 in the deck which isn't Breaking News already. Besides, how would you tag them?

30 Jan 2017 Steinbran

Disregard previous comment. Is late.

30 Jan 2017 Cerberus

The Disposable HQ are a great addition that D1en has taken to playing and as has been pointed out helps you bottom your combo and prevent agenda flood. Your rarely want 24/7 and Boom in hand anyway, and flood is how you lose. I think this deck is hurt by a lot of the CI hate though.

30 Jan 2017 zoolicious

There's no way you want to cut an AD from this. Not only do you want it asap - the same is true of PS after all - but because having two is amazing. Being able to run it twice is handy in plenty of situations, not least because you can double BOOM! from 6 creds instead of 10. It also lets you get off a utility card of choice (or two if you're only, single booming).

It's definitely less useful in this list, but I slot Hatchet Job to counter NACH, or you could also keep the Salem's in from d1en's list if you share his feelings. And I might do that, because I took this list with -1 DHQ, +1 Hatchet Job to an SC yesterday and the only loss was to Whizzard with 2 Plascretes and 3 IHW in hand.

30 Jan 2017 Matuszczak

Looks really strong, like the addition of Disposable HQ. I just see one major problem: there is no way to combo through Hades, right?

30 Jan 2017 zoolicious

Not unless you run it out of Haarp I guess.

30 Jan 2017 Cerberus

@Matuszczak No, if they get Hades down you either need to normally 24/7 Boom them or 24/7 them to trash the Shard. Generally the deck is very fast though, so it's hard for them to draw it unless they also delay you with other hate / protection.

30 Jan 2017 presheaf

@zoolicious I definitely agree the third AD makes a difference if you need to play a utility card, as you draw 2 ADs a lot later when you only play 2. On the other hand, if you're mainly interested in the time to draw 1x AD + 1x PS + 1x Jackson, in most games it doesn't make a huge difference whether you play 3 or 2 ADs. oi67.tinypic.com shows this difference. oi63.tinypic.com shows an attempt to plot the chance of the runner winning on 1 GFI, but not on 2.

Both these plots should be interpreted as guidelines more than as hard facts, as there are lots of small things not captured here. (For example, sometimes a Jackson is trashed from hand/R&D, or you need to pop one to mitigate flood etc., and sometimes the Runner plays a Freedom through Equality or you are able to shuffle a 15 Minutes back from their score area (ignored here)). The code I used to generate the plots can be found at gist.github.com .

TL;DR: Depending on whether you need to play 2 AD combos and how many accesses you think the runner will get during the game, I think cutting an AD to make space for a GFI is a choice worth considering, but I'm not sure.

30 Jan 2017 zoolicious

@presheaf I guess if NACH is disappearing, two stacks become way less important, which would make it well worth considering. Unlike d1en (iirc) I keep seeing the stupid Restructured Datapool, although it's never been stolen :P

31 Jan 2017 Fitzban

What did you do against Clot when you want to score Breaking News?

31 Jan 2017 zoolicious

@Fitzban You just cry and do the best you can. I mean even vs an initial SMC for clot, followed up by a clone chip situation, you could conceivably bait your way through with 1 Breaking News, a 15 Minutes, and two purges. (Sickening to think about though).

But there's very little clot around just now - criminal is the faction on the up, and I doubt any crim has ever run clot. You don't see it out of anarch, and there's not a whole lot of shaper about at the moment.

31 Jan 2017 Cerberus

It all depends on what you have in hand, but if it's early game dropping a little engine on it if they clot is a pretty good answer. If you have BN in your opening hand you often just score it and take the hit on having open centrals.

Like most decks, this one can be a good meta call. This is good right now as many decks aren't running Plascrete and are relying on Aaron to keep them tag free. Shaper is considered weak, if that changes and Clot / Meat Damage protection seems popular then definitely play something else.

31 Jan 2017 Fitzban

I think Shipment from SanSan could work.

31 Jan 2017 presheaf

You don't play that many assets, so I think shapers can be pretty confident in their Clotting. To be honest I think mulliganing for Breaking News and saving a Wraparound for the remote in case of Clot is a decent plan against Shapers.

31 Jan 2017 BizTheDad

God, the Disposable HQ include was brilliant. We'll done.

31 Jan 2017 BizTheDad

I think it's dangerous to cut the Hatchet Job. I played in a GNK last night where I needed to use to bounce a Plascrete against a Hate Bear. I know you said you don't run into many Anarch's with Plascrete and IHW but you also might want it in case you run into On the Lam.

31 Jan 2017 scd

On the Lam isn't that big of a deal, I probably wouldn't even bother Hatcheting it against a non-Anarch. It's only 3 damage -- that plus a Plascrete means you're still in double-Boom kill range. With IHW, then that's another whole thing to worry about. Plascrete + Citadel Sanctuary seem more like good Hatchet Job targets than OtL.

31 Jan 2017 BizTheDad

On the Lam doesn't just avoid three damage. You can alternatively use it to avoid three tags.

31 Jan 2017 scd

Ah yes, silly me. Then, yeah, the Hatchet Job.

31 Jan 2017 presheaf

You can often win through OtL by playing 2 24/7. People rarely expect this.

1 Feb 2017 Cerberus

If On the Lam is their only defence you can do two piles and do double 24/7, double Boom. Obviously if they have Aaron they can use him mid piles so it's not great but that's a decent amount of protection they have.

One card I'm going to test is Best Defence. It gives you game against decks running Paparazzi as well as helping against the Plascrete plus IHW Anarch problem (2 piles, double 24/7, Best Defense into Boom)

1 Feb 2017 presheaf

Just wanted to chime in on the Disposable HQ. Really like the inclusion - it's such a fun card to play with. The way I play the deck I usually put Wraparound on a Jackson server in the midgame if I don't need it to stave off Siphon, and a lot of times I get to overdraw a bit, pitch some 3 cards and watch them be sneaky and try running Archives to force me to pop Jackson. Instead, they hit the Disposable HQ I did pitch and watch as I stash 3 agendas from HQ. Other times, they Legwork but by happy accident hit the Disposable HQ, saving me. Great choice.

12 Feb 2017 Vitesse0

Cool decklist. New player with a quick question: "The reason that this combo works against Aaron is that there is no paid ability window between the 24/7 and Boom(s) so it is not possible for them to remove the tags." Doesn't the runner get to use his hosted agenda counters after your action (playing 24/7) and before your next click (boom)? Thanks in advance.

12 Feb 2017 Cerberus

@Vitesse0 Good question. So, if you play 24/7 from hand as click 1 and then Boom! As clicks 2&3 then there is a paid ability window inbetween clicks for Aaron to be used. However, when using the Accelerated Diagnostics combo the 24/7 and Boom are all played as part of the same click (the Accelerated Diagnostics one) and therefore you cannot use Aaron inbetween them, does that make sense?

12 Feb 2017 Cerberus

Also, as an aside, I took down a 22 player SC with this list yesterday (-1 tip, +1 Hatchet Job) and went undefeated.

13 Feb 2017 BizTheDad

I just never get my Sensie's to fire. I don't know... I could be playing it wrong. I simply included 3 Disposable HQ's. I might try going back to one or two but for now they're dead to me.

13 Feb 2017 tzeentchling

The existence of this deck has led to the proliferation of Geist decks in my meta, who has enough tag-avoidance and instant-speed draw to survive even a two-pile combo once set up a bit. So, thanks?!

13 Feb 2017 Cerberus

I'M HELPING!!!!!!!!!!

13 Feb 2017 BizTheDad

On a serious note, you have helped me a ton, @Cerberus. The very first runner deck I ever played was your Endless Waltz 2015 world's deck. So, thanks :).

14 Feb 2017 Cerberus

Thank you! Really good to hear. Always happy to chat Netrunner if you need any help.

21 Feb 2017 MazeBerlin

Are there some options to replace Little Engine? With Yog and Sifr its just free money for the runner. Maybe adding one Macrophage would help against Medium digs?

21 Feb 2017 Cerberus

Ive gone to one LE recently and play a Mother Goddess. Also check this out... netrunners.co.uk

24 Feb 2017 Peter Riviera

Just one quick question: If I use the extended combo (2x AD) and I installed the first jackson over a Sensei Actors Union. WIll I lose because I am decked when I install the 2nd Jackson in a (new) server before I play the second AD?

24 Feb 2017 presheaf

Yes! Don't do that. Or if you do, install the second Jackson in an existing remote as well.

24 Feb 2017 scd

This is another reason why a naked Disposable HQ is a good idea to dump on the table. The Runner typically checks it (allowing you to bottom agendas you don't want in hand), and then almost never trashes it in my experience. Just install the Jackson into that existing server to avoid the draw.

7 Mar 2017 FightingWalloon

Thanks for the link to the primer on using this deck. I want to play this deck some to figure out how to beat it without packing in lots of hate cards.

7 Mar 2017 zoolicious

@FightingWalloon Maw (especially with Eddie Kim) kills this almost stone dead.