Engolo Turbine Kit v1.0

Lem 34

I Wanted to try Engolo + K2CP Turbine combination with Kit, so I made this deck for a local GNK (same morning). It seemed to work well enough without any prior testing but definately would benefit from more testing and tweaking.

In the GNK tournament, several multiaccess cards in the deck allowed to keep up with faster decks and against Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home the stargate was able to trash a non-agenda card from the top of the RND and get the win with The Maker's Eye stealing 3 agendas from the top.

The WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ was not useful in any of the games because there was no time or the HQ was too expensive to visit, so most likely the influence could be used in other ways. Getting something like 3 Aeneas Informant could allow getting more accesses.

Also not sure about The Maker's Eye. It is quite expensive and therefore slows down building your rig, but it does give you a better RnD control accessing one more card than Jailbreak.