Ouch! 1.5 [Modded]

Slapdash 220

The idea, here, is to hand out a lot of net damage. Often, when you are dealing damage, you should prevent one with Prāna Condenser and store that shit up to dump on them all at once. There's only 2 each of Snare! and Project Junebug so that the runner's always afraid of that third one. Stick your Project Yagi-Uda into a server with your La Costa Grid so that you can load it up and use it to play mind games with your opponent. The Cerebral Overwriter and Aggressive Secretary are there for some surprise, out-of-faction spice.

One big key is: Be patient. Install agendas into bare servers and ignore them for a few turns. Advance several things on a turn, rather than one card. If you can make your opponent think that a Ronin or a Philotic Entanglement is actually a failed Project Junebug, all the better because you can sit on it until you can go for the kill. Similarly if you can have fully advanced Sting!s hanging about ready to pile on.