Mr. Santiago goes for a jog - Core Experience 2019

cableCarnage 2579

Core Experience Criminal - Gabe

Game plan

Run a lot, especially HQ. And by a lot I mean you want at least 1 successful run every turn. Several cards reward successful runs, the breakers are all efficient and you have tools to go around defences.

Card choices

  • Hostage - You want John Masanori against lightly defended corps and Kati Jones otherwise.
  • Akamatsu Mem Chip - Sneakdoor Beta uses 2 so you will probably need more than the base 4 if you also want breakers and Datasucker.
  • Paragon - Excellent reward for successful runs. Ideally you want to install this ASAP. Synergy with John Masanori. Note: as of time of writing jnet has a bug with Paragon + John. You should be able to choose the order in which the cards resolve but currently they always resolve in the order they were installed.
  • R&D Interface - Late game card making your R&D, runs more efficient and locking the corp.
  • John Masanori - See Paragon
  • Corroder - Much more efficient than Demara in faction, which matters a lot if you plan to run often.
  • Mimic - Efficient killer for smaller sentries letting you save Faerie for big sentries like Archer.
  • Datasucker - Helps you get into servers, recharges on successful run and avoids awkward boosting of Abagnale or Femme Fatale.