Sneakdoor Beta

Sneakdoor Beta 4[credit]

Memory: 2 • Strength: -
Influence: ●●●○○

click: Run Archives. If that run would be declared successful, change the attacked server to HQ for the remainder of that run.

"The code isn't important. It's where the code takes you that is important." -g00ru
Illustrated by Andrew Mar
Decklists with this card

System Core 2019 (sc19)

#37 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • If Sneakdoor Beta is trashed during a run it initiated, the run is still treated as a run on HQ if it is successful. [Official FAQ]


(Core Set perspective)

This is one of the few cards where you immediately realise how good it is. Even with only a couple of games played you'll get this into your hand and try to hide the grin at the (likely) unopposed runs you're about to make. That said, there are a couple of mistakes I made when first using this card that seem to be quite common:

  • The first is a rules issue: The you spend on this means you cannot use other 'make a run' events at the same time. That means no sneaky siphoning, you need to earn that one the hard way.

  • The second is a question of timing: At first I'd get this and put it down as soon as I had it. I didn't think about what effect this would have, it'd be good no matter what. That was silly of me. In my experience since then, there seem to be two ideal scenarios to play this.

  1. Operation Twizzling Fist - Plonk it down as early as you can, before things really get started. Make the corp see the danger, make them sweat, make them react, then wait. Maybe you'll never do anything, but you might (ohh, you might). Now they have another server to think about, one they weren't planning on defending very hard, but now they have to (or do they?) Keep that twizzle going for a while and more often than not, they'll spread themselves out thinner than they'd normally feel comfortable. Then when they've given in to the pressure and ICE'd up archives, lower your fist and carry on as normal. Suckers.

  2. Operation Oh-My-God-I'm-Pissing-Blood - Hold it back as long as you can, wailing on HQ from the front with a flurry of increasingly vicious attacks. Get them on the back foot. Get them to put their dukes up right an proper, get them protecting that precious corporate face of theirs with everything they can muster. Then install this and truck 'em in the kidneys.

(The Liberated Mind era)
"Then install this and truck 'em in the kidneys." I can't. Laughing too hard. A++ review. Please write more of these. —
Playing Sneakdoor Beta got a lot funnier once I began thinking of it as of 'trucking the Corp in the kidneys'. This guy deserves a cigar. —
"truck 'em in the kidneys" got me! Eyes are watering with laughter. That will be the name of the next deck I make. —

I recently started playing, with the NISEI Core Set Experience format. I thought I liked Anarchs. After playing with this card once. Criminals became my favorite faction.

In the short term, there's the surprise factor the turn you install this. In the long term, this card takes the tax that the Corp would place on getting into HQ, and lowers it by roughly 50% (!), as they now have to spread thin to defend both servers.

(System Core 2019 era)
Once you get into the larger cardpool, you can do the same thing by playing Omar. Better yet, Rebirth into Omar out of Val for the surprise factor at 0 cost 0 MU and 1 influence. —

For 4 , and 2 you force the Corp to spend at least , potentially as much or more and ice to defend Archives. Combined with Desperado, you'll earn your spent on Sneakdoor within a turn or 2. Combined with Doppelgänger, you get an additional surprise HQ access that turn. If you are running a typical 3 breaker suite and a Console, Sneakdoor is an absolute must (especially for Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional!) Nothing makes the Corp bitter more than having to dedicate time and resources to defending a mostly obselete server.

Combine with Emergency Shutdown, HQ Interface, Nerve Agent and other HQ-hate goodies!

(Order and Chaos era)
It's also awesome in shaper as a one-of: you can test run it and take the corp by surprise (works best with HQ interface or Nerve Agent). —
Wisdom at its best - thanks for clarifying its uses in Shaper! —
Can this card be used in combination with Account Siphon, or do the triggers not align? —
Nope, to trigger the click ability is an action and to play an event is another, which can't happen together, since siphon requires to directly run to hq. —