ctz 3932

I've played CI and Maxx for the store champ season. I decided to figure out how to play those decks with different IDs. This one is a monster and probably better than the Punitive CI, because of its ability to stress on cards, money, and clicks. Let's go through the choices:

Bacterial is disgusting. Get's you the kill cards, get's you early money, or let's you dump / grab a bunch of stuff against combo shapers or counter surv decks. Seriously bonkers agenda. I will move TFP -> SSL.

Gene Splicer coves both a net damage kill but also the score plan. Definitely play this over clones.

Genetics Pavilion over Snare. Snare wasn't doing anything for me in testing. A 1/5 assets that taxes the runner on clicks, money, and cards is really good in a punitive deck. Install these as you get them naked, unless you know you are up against Maw. Then just tuck behind 1x komainu and jam em there. You are probably going to take these out in your version and that is a mistake.

AM = +1 punitive or ben

GLC is definitely the biggest maybe here. This deck is all about speed so getting a card and creds at the same time is always welcome. If Film Critic is in your meta, -3 GLC +1 IPO +1 MCA +1 Voter Intim or enforcing loyalty.

Play fast and loose. You'll have a blast.

11 Feb 2018 JuneCuervo

Ez punative killz

11 Feb 2018 neuropantser

this deck has been penciled in for stream person of the stream this coming week i take it

11 Feb 2018 cranked

nah, stream person of the week is the guy in the punitive counterstrike art

11 Feb 2018 scd

Hey sweet yeah what

12 Feb 2018 ctz

who what when where why that is the question

12 Feb 2018 scd


13 Feb 2018 flimflam

thx for deckname dingus -mvt

13 Feb 2018 SneakdoorMelb

How do you deal with Film Critic?

14 Feb 2018 ctz

@sneakdoorMelb FC is not in my meta so I didn't plan for it. If it was, I would change the following:

-2 GLC +1 MCA +1 IPO

14 Feb 2018 EnderA

Is NGO Front a consideration?

14 Feb 2018 ctz

Totally is but I think I am off of it for now. The main reason being that ngo front gets messy with Ben M / Batty. You don't want the runner to head into the server to trash those two before you slam an agenda in there, so I really don't think you want it in this deck.

17 Feb 2018 spags

"Pretty sweet IG card here. If there’s an IG deck that plays Bio-Ethics (and so not Obokata), then this card replaces your blank 5/3s to go with your TFPs. It’s quite a bit better than blank in that deck but that’s the ONLY place this goes and that deck isn’t good and hasn’t been for a while." -Bacterial review, 5/10

17 Feb 2018 nobo

idk seems loose

17 Feb 2018 nobo

idk seems loose

18 Feb 2018 ctz

@spags lmao I LOVE this 1/10

19 Feb 2018 scd

Lol spags

20 Feb 2018 Syntax

I got one with my 100-games-can't-be-good-cause-consistency-you-noob MaxX :) (Baghad - Maw - Mining - SOT/Shutdown - 71CardsLarlaForPussiesCauseI'MAThug : this deck doesn't like find a hole / jump on throat runners)

20 Feb 2018 Syntax

Pinned to death a SSL version with my 71 punk girl :)

20 Feb 2018 Syntax

Second Miraju is maybe better if being a Yagura I think. I would replace a Komainu by a Crick because they don't need to be put behind Kakugo and Aikis (so they would be x3/x2/x2, which solves like half of this problem)

20 Feb 2018 ctz

I don't know what's going on here but I love it

21 Feb 2018 spags

Syntax, never change.

2 Mar 2018 Robotoast

Does the new Code Replicator fit into this list?

2 Mar 2018 ctz

@robotoast Yup! Come watch twitch.tv/sansanfrancisco on 2/6 and I'll be talking about the changes!

19 Mar 2018 wozzit

I played a version of this with Code Replicator yesterday and came 4th in a SC - let down by Sunny's speed vs. Titan.... bad meta call after not playing for a month.

Highlight of the day - turn 2 triple punitive after a losing a Bacterial on turn 1. Great stuff!